Germany: Hummels’ son celebrated his CSC

Germany: Hummels’ son celebrated his CSC
Germany: Hummels’ son celebrated his CSC

By scoring the only goal of the match, against his camp, on the occasion of the defeat against the France team (0-1) Tuesday at the Euro, the central defender Mats Hummels (32 years old, 73 selections and 5 goals) still made one happy in Germany: his 3-year-old son! The Borussia Dortmund member shared a funny anecdote to say the least.

“Fortunately, he doesn’t yet know what an own goal is. He thinks it’s always good to put the ball in the net. I’ve been told he applauded. I’ll have to explain it to him. all that, “joked the German in an interview with Bild.

Nice player on this blow, the former Munich player still tried to clear himself. “You have to make a difference between the CSC, there are some that we can avoid and others where we have few solutions. Against France, I could not have done things differently. It is very difficult. to defend when the ball arrives with force. Three or four teammates came towards me during the match to tell me that it was difficult to negotiate this ball “, swore the German, who was put under pressure by Kylian Mbappé and who is not necessarily wrong …

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Germany Hummels son celebrated CSC

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