alternative schools are developing in France

alternative schools are developing in France
alternative schools are developing in France

At 23, Levi Kiamuini took his very first steps as a digital business student. The young man has just been selected by Rocket School, an alternative school that chooses candidates not on their school career, but their character traits. “It is a chance that I had to integrate this training, and I am proud”, rejoices Levi Kiamuini.

This school, partly state-funded, is free for students. It allows you to obtain, in just 15 months of work-study program, a bachelor’s degree in business development. After experiencing unemployment in events, a student, who will graduate in a few days, already has a permanent contract in one of the school’s partner start-ups.

Today, nearly 200,000 digital salespeople are missing in France. So new schools are riding the trend. Marie Taquet, 26, is the founder of the iconoClass school, which claims new codes. “I was very disappointed with my experience in business school. I found it very long (…) and very expensive, on average 50,000 euros”, explains Marie Taquet. Here, students are offered four months of practical training, not leading to a qualification, for 5,000 euros, but this amount will only be reimbursed by the students once their CDI has been signed.–5-points-pour-comprendre.html?type=article

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