Near Rennes, the biggest karaoke in France makes people happy

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Published on 18 June 21 at 20:10

The largest karaoke in France, opened near Rennes since June 10, is making people happy. (© News Rennes)

It is 4pm on Wednesday June 16, 2021. But you have to check your watch several times to be sure. Because in this room karaoke of Musikam, the largest in France, it feels like a crazy night at the campsite.

At the helm, nine unleashed colleagues, come to celebrate the departure of one of them, scream under the neon lights to the rhythm of “Cotton Eyed Joe”, the famous song by the Swedish group Rednex, released in the 1990s.

“We have the impression that it is 11 p.m.”

Among them, Romain, 31 years old. He is going for the first time to the establishment, which opened on June 10 in the Cap Malo commercial area, in La Mézière, near Rennes. “I had never tried karaoke before,” he says. It’s great, we had a good time with friends. We have the impression that it is 11 p.m. “In the band of friends, the Musikam is unanimous.

It’s really good. I had already done karaoke at the campsite and I experienced the same sensations. I recommend Musikam to everyone, it changes.

Paul, 26 years old

Guido is 24 years old and lives in Bédée, about thirty kilometers from Musikam. Karaoke is a discovery for him but, like all his colleagues, he will not hesitate to make the road to come back. “I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m surprised by the atmosphere. It’s very nice, we let go and we can have a drink with friends. “

Twelve rooms from 4 to 50 seats

It is indeed possible to reserve and consume in each of the twelve rooms, which can accommodate 4 to 50 people and whose style is borrowed from those of Japan, where karaoke is a real institution. A way to disinhibit oneself, even if the fact of being only with relatives and not in front of the public reassures.

“We let go a lot more since we are in closed boxes, says Lucie, 29 years old. We do not feel the looks, everyone dares. And we can dance. “Her friend, Carole, 23, feels” at ease “. This is already the second time that she has visited Musikam since the opening. “And I will come back, of course,” she says.

A postponed opening

Delighted customers, Fabien Camedda, manager of the establishment, has seen them scroll for a few days. It has been waiting to open for almost a year, due to the health crisis. So inevitably, the 50-year-old man has a smile on his face when talking about Musikam, whose idea for creation dates from 2018.

I ran a business in commerce, which had some difficulties. One evening when I got home I told my wife and kids that I was going to do karaoke. They looked at me strangely. “

Fabien Camedda

For all tastes

It was finally his son who came up with the name “Musikam”. “Musi” for music and “kam” for karaoke and Camedda, the name of the family. A karaoke where young and old alike, rock and rap fans alike will be delighted: it is possible to sing on 40,000 songs.

“Karaoke is intergenerational, multicultural and universal,” thinks Fabien Camedda. I have never heard anyone say that they hate music. But we need to make karaoke fun, ”says the manager of Musikam.

Karaoke … but not only

In addition to the private rooms reserved for karaoke, the establishment has a bar/concert de 300m² modular, with the possibility of snacking on site. At the moment, the matches of the Euro football are broadcast there. “I am a fan of sound and football. This is the place I would have liked to have gone, as a client, ”explains Fabien Camedda.

Of special evenings are organized. Last Friday, like every week, karaoke was in the spotlight. The French champion of the discipline, originally from Ille-et-Vilaine, was invited. “He blew everyone away. It was “The Voice” without the ads, “says the manager.

Open 6 days a week

Musikam is open every day except Monday, from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. until June 20, when the curfew ends, and until 1 a.m. once this date has passed. “We chose to treat karaoke as entertainment and not a place for party people or the nightlife,” says Fabien Camedda. Our first reservation was for kids for a birthday party. “

Prices vary depending on the size of the room chosen and the number of people (from 12 euros per person). They are available on the Musikam website. The minimum booking period is two hours.

Avenue du Phare de la Balue, 35520 La Mézière
Phone. : 02 57 67 27 20
Open every day except Monday, from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. until June 20 and until 1 a.m. after June 20.
Rates available before booking:
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