The Senate votes a veto right for mayors who want to oppose the installation of wind turbines

The Senate votes a veto right for mayors who want to oppose the installation of wind turbines
The Senate votes a veto right for mayors who want to oppose the installation of wind turbines

In the midst of an election campaign, the issue of wind turbines is the subject of debate and controversy. Dominated by the right, the Senate voted, on the night of Thursday to Friday, June 18, the principle of a veto for mayors regarding the installation of wind turbines in their municipalities. A vote going against the opinion of the Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili.

During the first reading examination of the climate and resilience bill, the senators adopted an amendment by the Republicans (LR) providing for a deliberation by the municipal council on the implementation projects, with also the possibility of submitting it to a referendum. local.

“Who better than the city council can make a decision of this nature?” “, pleaded Edouard Courtial, elected LR of the Oise. Also LR, rapporteur Marta de Cidrac supported him, stressing that the amendment “Responds to a strong demand from local elected officials, who are helpless in the face of the establishment of wind farms”.

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Pompili proposes to “reset things to zero”

The minister warned: “Only 20% of French territory can receive wind turbines”, and “We are trying to widen this perimeter”. “The consecration of a right of veto could create a phenomenon ofnot in my backyard” [pas dans mon jardin] : I want electricity, but not the wind turbines that produce it ”, she argued in the face of similar proposals from Communist senators.

“The veto does not encourage consultation either. It can then be claimed for the installation of solar panels or anaerobic digestion plants ”, she fears. A veto would put “Pressure on mayors”, which could be “Taken hostage by certain associations, by certain groups”, she added Friday on Public Senate, evoking “A poisoned gift” made to mayors. “We need wind power, we have to have that in mind to try to get out of the false debates”, according to the minister.

And to exhibit: “The method I am proposing is to start over from scratch, to do a mapping that was requested by many elected officials, mapping of areas where we can make wind”, after that “Get everyone around the table to see where we can put them and where we can’t put them”. There is, however, a chance that the addition of senators will disappear in the parliamentary shuttle, the deputies having the last word.

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On Friday, the Senate voted on a similar measure for offshore wind. He plans “The prior agreement of local authorities” offshore wind projects, “In particular from the municipalities from which these installations are visible”. It’s about “Locally to make it possible to obtain the acceptability of the populations”, said the president of the Economic Affairs Committee, Sophie Primas (LR), stressing that the national objective of developing offshore wind power is not called into question. Ecologist Joël Labbé denounced “An absolutely murderous amendment for offshore wind power”.

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