20 people arrested throughout France

20 people arrested throughout France
20 people arrested throughout France

Twenty people were arrested, after a year of investigation, following a high-profile shooting in July 2020 in a sensitive area of ​​Nice, which had motivated the arrival of the Prime Minister, said Friday a police source.

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«These arrests followed by police custody took place Monday morning in Nice for the most part, as well as in Nantes for one person and in Paris for two others.», Indicated the divisional commissioner Florent Mion, head of the antenna of judicial police of Nice, confirming information of Nice morning. In total, according to Mr. Mion, nearly 150 police officers from his service but also from the Raid and local judicial police intervened to carry out this crackdown.

Among those arrested, five have already been presented to a judge in Marseille, whose prosecution had taken up the case from the outset, including four imprisoned after an indictment for attempted murder and violation of the legislation on weapons, and one placed under judicial control. Four other people were on Friday being presented to the judge and another being transferred. Six of the 20 suspects were already behind bars for other cases.

This shooting, filmed by passers-by, took place in broad daylight, on July 20, 2020, at 9:30 a.m., near the supermarket in the Moulins district, known in Nice as one of the high places for drug trafficking. A commando group of nine people then tried to shoot an individual without succeeding, “miraculously without doing any collateral damage», Underlined Mr. Mion.

Two people were imprisoned a few days later, after the discovery of a “war apartment»Having been used by the commando to prepare its attack and then fall back. Weapons and equipment, clothing and balaclavas, were also seized. The shooting, Mion said, came at the height of the struggle between two gangs fighting for control of drug trafficking in the area. The victim of this attempted murder, who had been identified, was part of one of these gangs.

A few days later, on July 25, Prime Minister Jean Castex, accompanied by Gerald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, and Éric Dupond-Moretti, Minister of Justice, had made the trip to Nice. Mr. Castex then multiplied the announcements on the safety of “proximity».

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