Traveling to Lisbon with new songs from Patrick Watson

Traveling to Lisbon with new songs from Patrick Watson
Traveling to Lisbon with new songs from Patrick Watson

For A Mermaid in Lisbon, the singer-songwriter sought inspiration from the memories of his last trip to this city. It’s my favorite place to roam. It seems that the streets are singing a wonderfully melancholy melody, which prompts us to get lost in small winding roads. Hence the siren of the title, explained the artist in a press release.

On the first two titles, if you knew and A Mermaid in Lisbon, Patrick Watson is accompanied by the Portuguese artist Teresa Salgueiro, who helped found the Madredeus group in the 1980s. Watson admires this woman he discovered when he was young in the film Lisbon Story, de Wim Wenders, sorti and 1994.

Can’t Stop Staring at the Sun, the third title of the microalbum, is a piece of electronic music, the fruit of several months of listening and research.

Patrick Watson also worked with the Attacca Quartet of New York on the recording of these three songs.

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Image of the cover of the microalbum “A Mermaid in Lisbon”, by Patrick Watson

Photo: Courtesy of Secret City Records / Six Media Marketing Inc.

In 2019, the artist unveiled the album Wave. He has since released the song Lost With You, last fall, as well as a revival of What remains of our loves, in March. Although A Mermaid in Lisbon isn’t a new long album, the singer-songwriter says these songs can be just as rich.

From now on, I’m going to explore the concept of three song releases. It is a historic structure, long enough to create a world, but short enough to capture people’s attention in this modern age., he explained, recalling thatthroughout history, the length of plays, the structure of ideas and the methods of dissemination have evolved.

I think that'[un microalbum de trois chansons] gives the artist more freedom than a traditional album, and I think it’s an interesting format to explore.

A quote from:Patrick Watson, singer-songwriter

Recently, we could see the musician in the documentary Like a wave, theatrically released in Quebec on April 2.

This black and white film, directed by Marie-Julie Dallaire and produced by Jean-Marc Vallée, examines our relationship to music and to the sounds that surround us: the noises heard by a fetus in its mother’s womb, the music from a DJ who animates a dance floor or the songs explored by an artist during creation sessions.

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