He finds an old plane wreck by accident

He finds an old plane wreck by accident
He finds an old plane wreck by accident

A diver finds himself in spite of himself in the heart of a scenario worthy of Hollywood after having found in recent weeks an old plane wreck at the bottom of Lake Simon in the Outaouais.

“I have been diving in this lake since 2008. It’s the kind of discovery you make only once in your life. It’s really incredible, ”enthuses Mark Sarazen, who lives in the MRC de Papineau.

Mark Sarazen / Courtoisie

It was while collecting wood from the bottom of the water for his work that Mr. Sarazen came face to face with a huge plane littered at the bottom of Lake Simon last April.

“It sure surprises you. It’s a big, big coincidence. From my observations, this is an aircraft from WWII. It’s quite astonishing, ”admits the diver.

Mark Sarazen / Courtoisie


According to our information, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and the Canadian army are now looking into this discovery.

The SQ confirms at Journal being advised that a diver had captured images “of a mass that could resemble an airplane” and which had been there for a very long time.

Several checks will be made over the next few days by the police. Divers could then be sent to the site. Museologists and archivists have even been called upon by the police force to shed light on this event.

However, the images captured by Mark Sarazen remain secret for the moment.

The SQ and National Defense are also in discussions to determine who will be responsible for further research in Lac Simon, which is between 45 m and 106 m deep.


“I have several videos and photos of the cabin shared with the police. Yes, I saw bodies and kerosene barrels on the plane. I also hit the propeller. Unfortunately, I can’t share anything, ”says Mark Sarazen.

According to him, more than 150 chests around the wreck are sleeping in the bottom of the lake at the moment. At least six propellers were also found.

“They may contain hazardous materials. We do not know. But for the plane, I believe it is a Latécoère 631 type seaplane. This is what I observed when analyzing the windows. All this obviously remains to be confirmed with the army or the police, ”indicates the diver.

This is not the first adventure of its kind at Lac Simon. In 2007, the carcass of a seaplane that had been missing for nearly 50 years was finally discovered at the bottom of the water.

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