why Karim Benzema plays with a bandage on his right hand

why Karim Benzema plays with a bandage on his right hand
why Karim Benzema plays with a bandage on his right hand

In France as in Real Madrid, Karim Benzema always plays with a bandage on his right hand. Blame it on a badly treated finger fracture in 2019.

Real Madrid followers are now used to it. But for those who mainly watch the France team, and who recently attended the great return of Karim Benzema to the Blues, it is undoubtedly a novelty. In club, as in selection, the tricolor center forward systematically plays with a bandage around the right hand. This was the case against Germany on Tuesday at the opening of the Euro, it was the case against Bulgaria in a friendly match, and at each meeting for two and a half years now.

To understand why, return to January 13, 2019. That day, during a match between Betis and Real Madrid in Sevilla, “KB9” broke his little finger after a shock with opposing defender Marc Bartra. The French striker grimaces in pain, and must give up his place.

Karim Benzema after his injury against Betis © Icon Sport

Operation postponed, then bone consolidated

After this incident and the first examinations, the medical staff of Real recommends an operation to repair and straighten the finger. Problem: the surgery would entail between three and four weeks of absence, and the merengue club is not at best. Santiago Solari, then coach, makes it clear that he needs his center-forward: “Karim has this injury to his finger, as you know, but we think it is not a problem for him to practices his trade of footballer, loose at the time the technician. As a good soldier, Karim Benzema therefore refuses the operation, and ends the season with a splint on the little finger, the whole held by a solid bandage. That he will no longer remove …

A few months later, the player goes to consult orthopedic surgeons to definitively solve the problem, but they see that Benzema’s bone has already consolidated. Bad, it seems, since the former Lyonnais still has sequelae – a big bump on the little finger.

Since then, KB9 has always bandaged his hand to reduce the pain, and avoid a violent shock during a duel. A somewhat restrictive routine, but which seems to bring him luck, given his performances in recent seasons.

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