New voicemail scam spreads via SMS

New voicemail scam spreads via SMS
New voicemail scam spreads via SMS

Belgians are invited to click on a link to supposedly listen to a voice message.

The platform SafeOnWeb warns the population about a new scam that is spreading by SMS. In fact, malicious people pretend to be your voicemail, inform you by SMS that you have received a new audio message and invite you to click on a link to listen to it. However, following the instructions in the message will have the effect of installing malware on your smartphone.

By clicking on the link, you will be prompted to install an application to listen to your voicemail message. Unfortunately, this app actually hides the dangerous Flubot malware. Very active for a while, the latter continues to make new victims. The malware has indeed become particularly popular with hackers who do not hesitate to exploit it to hack smartphones and recover personal information on their victims.

Credit: SafeonWeb

Once installed, the software will indeed infiltrate your phone to recover your personal data; passwords, bank details, but also your contact list, in order to continue to spread and increase its number of victims.

If you unfortunately clicked on the link and installed the fake app, SafeOnWeb advises to reset your device to factory settings. Be careful not to reinstall the app when you restore your smartphone backup. You can also restart your device in “safe mode” to uninstall the bogus app. Remember to change the passwords of the accounts with which you can access via your smartphone. Check that no SMS has not been sent without your knowledge to your contacts and warn them of the danger if this is the case.


voicemail scam spreads SMS

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