Windows 11 unveils: big changes on the horizon

Microsoft’s new operating system will be officially unveiled in a few days.

While it will take a few more days to discover the new version of Windows through a long presentation, several Internet users have already managed to get their hands on the software and share a number of screenshots and videos. Information confirmed by the specialized site The Verge, which published at the end of the afternoon a very long presentation of Windows 11.

There are many new features, both in terms of software and interface. Windows 11 will be much more than a simple refresh of the interface of Windows 10. Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, had already hinted that the next update would represent a notable evolution of the OS. Microsoft doesn’t hesitate to take risks with a new Start menu, new icons, integration of widgets and a complete overhaul of several elements, including the app store.

The Start menu now belongs right in the middle of the taskbar.

The main change concerns the Start menu, which will no longer appear to the left of the taskbar but in the middle, since it is now centered with the rest of the shortcuts. A change of habit that could destabilize users. We can imagine, however, by adding more elements, it will be possible to reposition it to the left of the taskbar, if the need arises.

A new item also appears on the taskbar. Now widgets have their own menu. by pressing said button, the user will be able to display a sidebar with the latest information of their choice: weather, football results, stock prices, the latest news and much more. Widgets will replace the underused “live tiles” or “animated tiles” of Windows 10, which were directly integrated into the Windows 10 menu. Splitting the Start menu and widgets made sense. We could also say that with the exception of its centered menu, Windows 11 seems to be closer to old Windows than to the latest iterations of the OS.

The novelties do not stop there since literally all the graphic elements of the OS have been revised, from the Start menu to the icons through the applications. Those who have managed to install the software say, however: the current version is far from final and does not include all the new features. Microsoft should officially lift the veil on the OS on June 24. We will therefore still have to arm ourselves with a little patience before discovering what the future has in store for us within the Windows ecosystem.


Windows unveils big horizon

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