Convictional signs: Ecolo does not close the door to an appeal in the STIB file

Convictional signs: Ecolo does not close the door to an appeal in the STIB file
Convictional signs: Ecolo does not close the door to an appeal in the STIB file

“This is an option that was already mentioned on May 25”, when the management committee of the Stib could not find a consensus on an appeal of the decision of the Brussels labor court.

The latter had ordered the Brussels transport company to stop basing its employment policy on a principle of exclusive neutrality, on the grounds that this principle had led it to discriminate, because of its religious convictions and its gender, a job candidate wearing a headscarf.

“Attention, it is open to a compromise. With, indeed, a dimension which allowed the Stib to navigate but also very clear recognitions for the women concerned. Let us be precise: on the call, what has been mentioned on May 25 as an option remains possible for us, but not as the only option, there are several possible, ”explains Mr. Nollet.

Discreet in recent weeks, while the debate on the wearing of convictional signs in the public service put his Brussels colleague Rajae Maouane in front of the news, pushed DéFI to waver the Brussels government and the MR to put the Prime Minister in position uncomfortable (Alexander De Croo had to come back to explain himself to the Chamber on the appointment of Ihsane Haouach, veiled woman, as commissioner for gender equality), the Walloon co-president of Ecolo affirms his desire to see enshrining in the Constitution “the absolute neutrality of the State.”

“I plead for it to include that Belgium is a neutral state and that the action of agents and public authorities is impartial”. It accompanies this point with a second: the affirmation of the freedoms of individual conviction, to express these convictions and to evolve in one’s convictions, however with guidelines. “No proselytism, no wearing of convictional signs for the functions of authority, and it is necessary to be able to guarantee and verify that the acts carried out are impartial”.

He accuses in passing the president of the PS Paul Magnette of having caricatured the position of Ecolo in the Stib file and the president of the MR Georges-Louis Bouchez of having weakened Alexander De Croo against the Flemish nationalists.

Jean-Marc Nollet’s speech is also socio-economic and fiscal: to cope with the shock following the coronavirus crisis, he recalls his campaign proposal to increase purchasing power via a tax credit decreasing which can go, for the lowest incomes, up to 225 euros net per month in addition.

And to support businesses, the ecologist proposes a targeted reduction in social contributions, when the employer recruits workers whose jobs compete with those from foreign countries.

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