“We were able to stop a man alone in the dark but …”

“We were able to stop a man alone in the dark but …”
“We were able to stop a man alone in the dark but …”

Posted on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 1:20 p.m.

Through Sudinfo

Fighting action this Friday evening in Groningen, the Netherlands. Residents believed they had seen Jürgen Conings and the police had taken the matter very seriously.

The alert was given last night in Groningen, near the Selwerderhof cemetery. This is where several Dutch-speaking residents thought they had seen the man most wanted by Belgium, namely Jürgen Conings. Faced with the succession of reports, the local police took the matter very seriously. “If the reports were true, we had to prepare to face a difficult and potentially dangerous situation,” a law enforcement spokesperson told AD.

Fortunately, after several minutes of research, the police found the man who had alerted the town. It was not Jürgen Conings but a walker from Germany. Because of his outfit and the many equipment he carried, he could indeed be mistaken for the 46-year-old Belgian soldier.

“With the many reports, we were able to stop a man alone in the dark. We explained to him that his presence had caused unrest. He was absolutely unaware, ”said the police who immediately released the walker who was able to continue his walk through the Netherlands.


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