12 years in prison for the woman who kicked and killed a man who annoyed her

12 years in prison for the woman who kicked and killed a man who annoyed her
12 years in prison for the woman who kicked and killed a man who annoyed her

Aged 18 at the material time, she hit the victim twice on the head, who had bothered her on several occasions.

A 22-year-old young woman, who had kicked a man who annoyed her in the head one evening in the center of Bordeaux, was sentenced Friday to 12 years imprisonment for homicide by the Assize Court of the Gironde.

Kessy, against whom eighteen years of imprisonment had been required, saw his sentence accompanied by an obligation of socio-judicial monitoring for 5 years.

One evening in December 2016, Place de la Victoire in Bordeaux, the young woman, 18 at the time, had been bothered several times by a young thirty-something visibly drunk. She – who was not alcoholic – had pushed him away, and while he was on the ground, had kicked him twice in the head “like you kick a soccer ball”, according to his words to investigators, cited at the hearing.

Transported in critical condition to Bordeaux University Hospital, the man died from his injuries a few days later.

“He looked for it”

The accused “purposely dealt two blows to the head of the victim. This deliberate choice characterizes an intention to kill,” insisted Advocate General Benjamin Alla, noting that “at the time, she had nothing regretted, except for having soiled his shoes with the victim’s blood, “and left without worrying about the condition of the man on the ground or calling for help. “He looked for it well,” she said according to witnesses.

Kessy, with a drug addict teenage past, “experienced violence from her parents. She saw her parents being violent between them (…) was also raped. This past of misery is not anecdotal,” a explained Dominique Laplagne, defense lawyer, pleading clemency because of the age of the accused, the “doubt” about the intention to kill, and her behavior without a hitch since her release two years ago .

The accused, unemployed, said today “to have remorse but she has all her life to rebuild herself. For Vincent Cazeaux, it is over. There remains only a feeling of annihilation for his family”, had for his part pleaded Me Julien Plouton, lawyer of the civil party.

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