Euro 2021 football: which team is the most expensive in the competition?

The lists of the 24 national teams competing for Euro 2021 football are now known. In each of its teams that will face each other from June 11, the selected players have an estimated value in the transfer market. A market value which is assessed according to criteria such as the player’s performance, his age, his position, the duration of his contract, the championship in which he plays or the amount of his previous transfers.

Based on Transfermarkt data, “les Echos” have drawn up a ranking of the market value of each of the teams in the race for the European title. If this indicator is far from being an index of performance during the competition, it is however not surprising to find at the top of this ranking teams among the favorites to win lifting the European trophy on July 11 in London. And France, reigning world champion and finalist in the previous Euro football tournament, rose to 2nd position with a workforce exceeding one billion euros.

The English exception

With Kylian Mbappé, France has in its ranks the most expensive player in the world on the transfer market whose market value is estimated at 160 million euros by Transfermarkt. On his own, the Paris Saint-Germain striker is thus worth more than the Hungarian, Finnish, Macedonian or Slovakian selections, the “Little Thumbs” of the competition.

Among the other players most valued on the lawns during the Euro, we find two English: Harry Kane, the center forward of Tottenham (120 million euros) and the young Jadon Sancho, who plays in Dortmund (100 millions of euros). Two Belgians, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne are also valued at 100 million euros.

Only the English selection exceeds France in the ranking of the most expensive teams, with a workforce that reaches 1.275 billion euros. A first position which is explained in particular by the youth of its group (25.2 years on average), the second youngest of the tournament behind Turkey (24.9 years) and the surplus of the English players. Via the most expensive TV broadcasting rights in Europe (5.5 billion euros for the period 2019-2022), the sums redistributed to English clubs indirectly benefit English players, who mostly play on Premier pitches. League.

Declining number of transactions

In 3rd position we find Germany (964 million euros), one of France’s opponents in the group stage. Proof of this is that this ranking does not in any way bode well for the performance of the teams during the tournament, Germany failed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the last World Cup, while Croatia, whose workforce “barely” reached 376 million euros had finished in the final of the competition. The Germans are followed by Spain (936 million euros) while the Spanish coach has chosen to compose a list of 24 players against the 26 authorized by UEFA.

Euro 2021 will also be a great showcase for European players who will have the opportunity to shine in the eyes of recruiters around the world and increase their odds for the next transfer window. A transfer market which has nevertheless slowed down due to the Covid-19 and the temporary stoppage of several championships. According to the latest reports from Fifa, the number of transactions such as transfer fees paid by clubs fell for the first time in ten years. During the last summer transfer window, clubs paid 3.32 billion euros against 4.91 invested in 2019, a decrease of 25% over one year.

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