The Beaunois region will benefit from funds from the France Relance plan

The Beaunois region will benefit from funds from the France Relance plan
The Beaunois region will benefit from funds from the France Relance plan

Territorial food projects (PAT) aim to strengthen the development of local and sustainable agriculture and food. They play an important role in accelerating the agricultural and food transition by bringing together producers, processors, distributors, local authorities and consumers.

The recovery plan is dedicating 80 million euros to the deployment of these projects, including 4.3 million euros specifically targeted at the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region.

Projects already selected

First three files had been selected under the stimulus plan on a first national call for projects: the Departmental Council of the Territory of Belfort (90), the Community of Municipality of Arbois Poligny Salins (39), the Syndicat Mixte du Chalonnais (71). The total amount of aid allocated for these files was 225 436 euros.

Out of the regional envelope of 4.3 million euros, five files were initially submitted. They were the subject of in-depth instruction during a selection committee bringing together the various State services and State partners on this program.

After careful study of the files, the five projects were selected, all now officially labeled by the ministry in charge of agriculture.

The five new projects selected

• A PAT led by the Departmental Council of Nièvre, one axis of which is to develop the market gardening sector in the department by facilitating the installation of producers to meet consumers’ expectations with vegetables from short circuits and to supply collective catering. The acquisition of land, the installation of drilling, the equipment of production equipment are thus planned within the framework of test areas or integration projects for vegetable production or even processing, on various sites in the Nièvre area.

• A project that is part of the axis aiming to develop added value on farms is supported by the Nièvre Gourmande association, which brings together around twenty producers. They want to set up a store for Nivernais producers in the Paris region in order to give urbanites access to local, sustainable and quality food and to promote the region of Nivernais by promoting its food heritage. The carrying out of studies prior to the project and the material investments will be supported.

• The PETR Nivernais Morvan who proposed to lead an ambitious global project and an “operational PAT brigade” with various partners in the area (communities, producer associations). This should make it possible to materialize, among other things, the installation of a meat cutting room and collective butchery for breeders.

The Pays Beaunois wishes to support the emergence and formalization of 10 agricultural investment projects structuring of transformation and marketing and 5 public / citizen projects to create a point of sale for local products which link the territory, and also produce a guide for producers which will facilitate the rapprochement between producers and consumers.

• The Community of Communes of Grand Autunois Morvan is particularly in line with the objectives of diversifying local agricultural activities (legumes, market gardening, agroforestry), by promoting the sustainable installation of productions which are lacking to meet demand and for the transition. ecological (training, HVE certification), and on the other hand, activities aimed at people with food insecurity.

These territories will be supported over 2 to 3 years by funding from France Relance for a total amount of € 507,814.

With the 5 PATs already recognized at the end of 2020, 10 PATs are now recognized at the regional level, located in 6 departments

– Côte d’Or: Pays Beaunois

– Doubs: Pays Montbéliard Agglomeration; Grand Besançon Metropolis

– Jura: Lédonien country; Community of commune Arbois Poligny Salins

– Nièvre: Departmental Council 58; PETR Nivernais Morvan

– Saône-et-Loire: Grand Autunois Morvan; Mixed Syndicate of Chalonnais.

– Territory of Belfort: Departmental Council 90

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