Maxime Bernier in Manitoba, a tour that is not welcome everywhere

Maxime Bernier in Manitoba, a tour that is not welcome everywhere
Maxime Bernier in Manitoba, a tour that is not welcome everywhere

A post on his Facebook page indicates that from June 11 to 13, he will visit several villages in the southeast of the province as well as Winnipeg as part of a tour called Mad Max Manitoba Tour.

This is not the first time that Maxime Bernier has participated in rallies criticizing health measures taking place in various regions of the country.

In Manitoba, he plans to attend such an event in Winkler on Friday. According to Martin Harder, the city’s mayor, this visit is the last thing his community needs.

Risk of divisions

The mayor recalls that the pandemic was difficult to experience in this small town in the south of the province, where residents are divided on issues such as vaccines and health restrictions.

Martin Harder fears that the arrival of Maxime Bernier will lead to further divisions in the city.

I think of all this controversy, the fact that we have a low vaccination rate and a high number of cases and personally I think it is inappropriate to show up here to create even more havoc, he said.

People who have a hard line have a hard line, and people who criticize them continue to criticize them. So it’s not easy here at the moment and, as a community leader, it’s really difficult to be the mayor of all these people and to understand two camps so divided on such divisive issues., explains Martin Harder.

A Winkler businessman who said he was surprised to learn that his company was among the places where Maxime Bernier had to stop according to the original plans for his tour also said he did not want to be associated with this. event.

A version of the itinerary posted on Facebook this week showed several planned stops at businesses in localities such as Saint-Pierre-Jolys, Lorette or Niverville. Maxime Bernier had to stop at La Salle River Inn at La Salle, Saturday.

But the owner of the establishment, Drew Howard, says he was unaware the party was planning to hold an event at his business. He learned about it from people who messaged him about the Facebook post, and said he contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police immediately. He does not want gatherings in his business when they are prohibited by health ordinances.

We have discussed with the authorities what are the possible measures to prevent this gathering from happening., he said.

A spokesperson for the People’s Party of Canada says there has been a lack of communication with the Manitoba chapter and the party is working on a new route.

An advertisement for Maxime Bernier’s tour of Manitoba posted on his Facebook page.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Screenshot / Facebook

The updated route no longer lists the La Salle River Inn as one of the stops on the tour, but specifies that it will stop at La Barrière Provincial Park on Saturday, before moving to Lorette and then to Winnipeg for a rally.

Planned monitoring

A spokesperson for the province said authorities are aware of planned activities and that there will be surveillance on site to take videos and collect other evidence of non-compliance with sanitary measures.

The provincial spokesperson specifies that the authorities have also communicated with the organizers of the events to remind them of the ordinances in force on the size of the gatherings and the obligation for visitors to isolate themselves for 14 days upon their arrival in the area. province.

In a press conference Thursday, Prime Minister Brian Pallister said that if Maxime Bernier does not comply with the orders, his wallet will be lighter.

The party spokesperson did not say whether Maxime Bernier will comply with the mandatory quarantine when he travels to Manitoba.

However, in a Facebook post dated June 10 in the afternoon, Maxime Bernier wrote that he had received a letter from Mike Leblanc of the Manitoba Department of Health.

He tells me that I cannot go to gatherings and that I must quarantine myself at my hotel for the duration of my stay.

I will not give up my constitutional rights, he writes.

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