a woman falls from the second floor, her companion arrested

a woman falls from the second floor, her companion arrested
a woman falls from the second floor, her companion arrested

After the incident, in a district of Corbeil-Essonnes, the man locked himself in the family apartment before being evicted by the police.

An investigation for attempted aggravated murder was opened this Thursday, June 10, when a resident was hospitalized Wednesday evening after falling from the second floor of a building in the Montconseil district of Corbeil-Essonnes (Essonne). As indicated The Parisian, the doubt remains on the responsibility of his companion, who could have defended it.

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According to witnesses, the scene would have taken place around 9:30 p.m., the woman first fell from a height of more than 5 meters, in the bushes bordering her building. His companion would then come down from the apartment with an 11-month-old baby, give it to the woman, then go upstairs, locking himself in the family apartment. The woman was transported to the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital (Val-de-Marne). “I live just nextdoor. I am there at the time of the facts. There were a lot of people outside but also the firefighters and the police who secured the premises», Describes a thirty-something from the neighborhood.

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Residents would then have tried to access housing to avenge the young woman and attack the violent companion. “Witnesses say they used to get confused and saw him throw his wife away. They wanted to enter to beat him up but they were prevented by the code of the front door and by dads from the neighborhood.», Continues the same witness questioned by The Parisian. The police would have ended up dislodging the man a little before 10 p.m., before escorting him under close protection. The department of Essonne is facing a very sharp increase in domestic violence, with 560 cases processed in 2020, against 349 in 2019.

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woman falls floor companion arrested

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