The three ways to get the European health pass

The three ways to get the European health pass
The three ways to get the European health pass

LBelgians who have been vaccinated against covid (one or two doses), have a negative PCR test (carried out maximum 72 hours before departure) or have already contracted the disease (it will then be necessary to provide proof of a positive test dating back to 11 to 180 days) will be able to use the “European health pass”, from June 16, learned The evening to good sources.

Information confirmed in the wake of the cabinet of the Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit), who specifies “that a legal framework for the system is still under study”. A major communication campaign will be launched by the authorities at the same time.

Three ways to get it

Here is what we already know about this famous “certificate”. There will be three ways to get it. First, by connecting to the public site masanté.be or to the portals of the various mutuals: the necessary documents will be downloadable there.

Then, by installing a smartphone app, CovidSafe, which will be available for download in the Apple and the Google Store next week. “We still have a few small problems with Google but everything will be ready for Wednesday”, assures Barbara Vandenhaute, general administrator of Digitaal Vlaanderen, the Flemish agency for the digitization of public authorities, in charge of the “technical” part of the project.

Finally, a call center will be deployed in each Region. “Those who wish can request to have their vaccination certificate sent to them in hard copy by post. In this way, we cover all audiences, ”continues the manager. “Obviously, the delays are not tenable for the results of the PCR tests. “

A second app for controls and the tourism sector

All member countries have committed to guarantee the implementation of the health pass by July 1. Belgium is taking a step ahead for its citizens but is not yet quite ready to welcome “equipped” foreign travelers. “We have developed a second app, CovidScan, which will be made available to people who will control arrivals at the borders and will enable QR codes to be scanned”, continues Barbara Vandenhaute. “This application will also be used by tourism professionals, such as hotels,” she adds without giving more details at this stage.

Good to know: each country remains free to set its own conditions for the entry of travelers into its territory. “Spain will accept, for example, the results of antigenic tests but not Belgium. We will therefore also provide this proof to Belgian travelers. For this reason, we will also provide certificates for one dose and for two doses of vaccine, since at this level the protocols are not the same everywhere either. This information by geographical area will be gathered in FAQs ”, concludes the manager. According to the European Commission, at this stage: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Poland and Spain are connected to the system European Union which allows them to verify covid certificates issued in other countries.

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