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Find the editorial of our latest magazine France Snacking n ° 62 which has just been published in digital format, which you can browse for free today and in your mailboxes in a few days.

You have no doubt noted it, because perhaps you will be with us on June 29, the Snacking Congress is announced this year under the theme of # (Re) Birth. A subject that was essential as we are about to move into the next world, facing consumers who have changed, practices that have evolved and a market that has changed. An entire program ! Have you noticed the hashtag just before the word rebirth, the famous symbol used to qualify a subject or link it to a theme on the web? This is our nod to digital, a transversal theme throughout this day. Let us recognize that for many professionals, online ordering and the entire associated value chain have truly established themselves as a lifeline and one of the only windows of fire when the doors were closed and it was necessary to exist costs whatever the cost. Experts argue that we would have even made a jump of 4 years in this digital transition which still encountered a lot of reluctance. Many will therefore be debating these subjects during this day of discussion which will allow us to draw the first lessons from this crisis in order to prepare for tomorrow. Discover, therefore, our famous expert hive on p. 42 which will undoubtedly come to pollinate all your projects and which will allow you to browse for ideas which will not fail to abound. The transformation of models, omnichannel, dark kitchens, impacts on the supply chain, packaging or even new food trends, you will find the answers to your questions there. This is why this 2021 Congress vintage promises to be an excellent vintage. In any case, the entire France Snacking team will work on it. So go to to register!

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