the downward trend continues

the downward trend continues
the downward trend continues

On this Friday, June 11, 2021, contaminations, hospital admissions and deaths from the coronavirus, as well as the positivity rate, continue to drop.

Note: these figures are taken from updated data published by Sciensano on “opendata“, and put in table form here:

Cases detected *: between 01/06 and 07/06, 1173 new coronavirus infections were detected on average every day. This is a drop of 38% from the previous week.

Tests*: between 01/06 and 07/06, an average of 43.386 tests were performed daily, a total down 8% from the previous week.

Admissions*: they amount on average to 60,6 between 04/06 and 10/06. This is a decrease of 23% compared to the previous week.

Hospitalized people * *: 820 patients are currently hospitalized in connection with Covid-19, including 302 patients treated in intensive care.

Positivity rate *: based on the results of the tests obtained between 01/06 and 07/06, it is 3,3%, down 1.1% from last week.

Death*: between 01/06 and 07/06, 10,9 people die on average per day from the virus. Since the start of the epidemic, 25,068 people have died from the coronavirus.

Reproduction rate : calculated on the basis of changes in admissions, the Rt of the coronavirus today stands at 0,83. When it is greater than 1, it means that the transmission of the virus is accelerating.

¨* The cases detected are the number of patients where a positive test has confirmed the presence of the virus. The date that is considered is the date of the diagnosis, not the test result. The data is consideredras consolidated after 4 days. The number of cases may depend in part on the strategy of testing : if we test more systematically, we also detect more cases.

** : In hospitalized people are counted patients already hospitalized for another reason, and who have tested positive.

*** The positivity rate is the number of positive tests compared to the number of tests performed. The same person can be tested several times. It also depends on the strategy of testing : if we do not test enough, the positivity rate will be plus Student.

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