Cyril Hanouna’s incredible laughter in the face of a dumbfounded Francis Lalanne

Cyril Hanouna’s incredible laughter in the face of a dumbfounded Francis Lalanne
Cyril Hanouna’s incredible laughter in the face of a dumbfounded Francis Lalanne

Guest Thursday evening of the last of the season of the talk show of C8, the singer had come to speak, under conditions, of his dispute with “Quotidien” and of its artistic topicality.

Thursday 8:53 pm live on C8, Francis Lalanne made his entry on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” to tell for the first time his version of the incident that occurred last Saturday in Avignon with journalists from “Quotidien”. Longtime friend of Cyril Hanouna, the soon-to-be 63-year-old singer had imposed his conditions before accepting the invitation: the first, no columnist of the show, apart from Cyril Hanouna, had the right to express in his presence. The second, that he can promote his artistic news. During his previous invitation in “Touche pas à mon poste” on January 26, Francis Lalanne ended up leaving the stage angry when he had come to explain his call to “dismiss Emmanuel Macron”. He says he felt “Betrayed” by Cyril Hanouna’s teams because, that evening already, he had accepted the invitation on condition of expressing himself without having to debate with the other speakers on the set.

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9:11 p.m., Raymond Aabou intervenes to support the words of a Francis Lalanne who will calmly turn his head, upset that a columnist allows himself to speak contrary to what was agreed. “Cucumbé you hear me, you see what I told you?”, he then lets go, causing a start of laughter – contained at first – among the columnists, amused that he is scratching the name of the artistic director of H2O Productions, Kakoumbé. While Cyril Hanouna thanked him for coming and explaining his dispute with “Quotidien” (see below), Francis Lalanne had to remind him that he also had to talk about his book. “Did you see all this with Cucumbé?”, asked the host, relaunching the giggles of his columnists. “This is real violence”, will annoy the artist when he hears these new laughs.

“Is that a number you’re doing?” “

Francis lalanne

“I have another artistic project which is a record that I’m going to record at Universal. You should know that Léo Ferré was my teacher and my friend for 15 years, before dying he had planned to record an album but he could not do it because he died … “, he continued before being cut off, totally dumbfounded, by a fit of uncontrollable laughter from Cyril Hanouna. While some columnists will agree to leave the set at the request of the host, Francis Lalanne, irritated, will then get annoyed by the laughter of a spectator installed behind him before having to face his interlocutor again just as dissipated. . “That’s crazy”, he says. This last issue of the season of “Do not touch My TV” ended in this surreal atmosphere with a hilarious Cyril Hanouna, a Francis Lalanne as annoyed as he was disillusioned, tables of columnists sparse, two last guests (Eryl Prayer and Sylvie Ortega) arriving too early on the set and Kelly Vedovelli coming back from nowhere to retrieve a cell phone. “Is that a number you’re doing?”, ended up wondering the singer.

Francis Lalanne responds to “Quotidien” attacks

During an interview with Paul Larrouturou last Saturday in Avignon, the soon-to-be 63-year-old artist expressed his disagreement in response to one of the questions asked and was very angry, asking not to be broadcast and that the recorded images be erased. Images finally shown last Monday in the TMC show with in particular this phase of altercation suggesting an angry Francis Lalanne but without ever showing the slightest blow. The journalist from “Quotidien” claimed to have come out of this exchange with a sprained right wrist while his cameraman, Paul Bouffard, had a head trauma and post-traumatic tendonitis in his left shoulder. In the complaint for “violence with a weapon” filed last Saturday by the two journalists, it is mentioned violent punches in the face and on the head with the headphones of the cameraman.

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“These are just fake news and lies”, assured Francis Lalanne Thursday evening on C8. His lawyer obtained a response from the Avignon prosecutor’s office saying that no complaint against the singer had been recorded. He denied having dealt the slightest blow against the journalists of “Quotidien” and revealed having lodged a complaint with the Council of Journalistic Ethics and Mediation (CDJM) because “The conduct of these people offends journalism”. “They are sensationalizing”, he said about the journalists he also wants to prosecute as well as Bangumi, the production company, and the TF1 group, broadcaster of the show.

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