what are the skills of the Brittany region?

what are the skills of the Brittany region?
what are the skills of the Brittany region?

The regions have existed as local authorities since 1982. In 2015, the territorial reform led to the passage from 22 to 13 regions in mainland France and the law on the New Territorial Organization of the Republic (NOTRe) gave them new powers. They can be divided into six themes: transport, high schools, vocational training, regional planning and the environment, economic development and the management of European programs. In addition, there are competences shared with other local authorities and the State.

Brittany counts 3.3 million inhabitants.

She is made of 1200 communes. It is one of the regions of France whose population is growing the fastest.

In Rennes, seat of the Regional Council, sit 83 regional councilors elected by direct universal suffrage.

The competences of regions and departments

The budget global of the Brittany region for 2021 is 1.675 billion euros.

Education and vocational training represents a budget of 695 million euros (includes buildings and equipment for high schools).

The Brittany region builds, renovates, maintains and equips establishments with furniture and equipment with the support of 2,500 technical agents.

Training and guidance represent more than a third of its budget annual. The Region finances more than 25,000 training courses per year.

The Region manages 115 public high schools and the 98 restaurants in the public network which serve more than 10 million meals per year.

On land, at sea and in the air, regional travel is another of its skills. Transport represents a budget of 369 M €. The Region owns four airports, it manages the Breizh Go network which brings together TER, regional coaches, school transport, and maritime links to the main Breton islands.

Brittany also supports businesses and research to encourage innovation and job creation in Brittany. This item, economy and innovation, represents a budget of 217 million euros.

The Region also supports renewable energies. They manage two regional nature parks and several regional nature reserves. The Region devotes 28 million euros to the environment.

Bringing art, regional languages ​​and culture to life are part of the Region’s missions. For culture, heritage, sport, tourism, waterways, the local authority spends 92 million euros.

How does the Region manage to finance all of this?

Brittany collects the tax on vehicle registration documents and receives grants from the State. It also benefits from aid from the European Union.

The elected officials will remain in place for seven years. A longer term due to the presidential campaign which will take place in 2027. The next deadline for these regional elections has therefore been set in March 2028.

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