at the assizes, the chronicle of an announced feminicide – Liberation

at the assizes, the chronicle of an announced feminicide – Liberation
at the assizes, the chronicle of an announced feminicide – Liberation

Accused of having killed his ex-companion, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, 44, has been appearing since Thursday before the assizes in Bastia. In 2019, the case outraged public opinion and sparked widespread mobilization against violence against women.

Outside, under a blazing sun, Julie Douib’s face, freckles and long brown hair, is displayed on the gates of the Bastia courthouse. A peaceful half-smile floats on his lips. Inside, the crime consists of nine procedural volumes, thousands of pages which recount the assassination of this 34-year-old young woman on March 3, 2019. For nearly a week, the jurors of the court of Assises de Haute-Corse will dive into the history of feminicide “number 30” (out of 146 committed in 2019), the one that raised the hearts of public opinion, which paved the way for the Grenelle against domestic violence. by Marlène Schiappa and whose mechanics are considered a textbook case.

The jurors begin by following this investigator who testifies at the bar and brings them, in a soft voice, to the Residence de la mer, in Ile Rousse, a small seaside resort. “Where the drama took place”. On the screen, appears the ocher facade of the large building, the aerial views, the parking lot. Then the words turn into figures: it is 11 o’clock, there are two entrances, the killer will stay four minutes, two or three projectiles will go through the body of the victim, 9mm. The life of Julie Douib, designer of costume jewelry, ended on her balcony, her hand in front of her face to protect herself from a shot in the air of“execution”. In a last breath, she whispers to her neighbor: “He killed me”.

The family and friends of Julie Douib’s parents show their support when they arrive in court. (Raphael Poletti / Liberation)

Not the slightest regret

In the box, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, displays an expressionless face. The 44-year-old accused with a shaved head and closed eyes is on trial for the murder of his ex-partner from whom he had been separated for six months after thirteen years together and two children (now aged 10 and 13 ). His responsibility is not in doubt: he himself went to the Ile Rousse gendarmerie half an hour after the incident, admitting to being the author of the shootings.

It remains to understand what happened in the mind of this man “Obsessed with the fact that he was deceived” before their separation – according to the arraignment order and who has never expressed the slightest regret. Julie Douib has filed a complaint more than ten times for domestic violence in the past two years. She left handrails where she related to be followed, she alerted the social services seized for housing assistance, she warned the management of her children’s school, she poured out herself with her parents, her parents. close, of its neighbors. She even archived on a computer 37 photographs of her body covered with bruises, taken between June 17, 2018 and July 2, 2018, as well as recordings of arguments and threats. In short, Julie Douib moved heaven and earth, to the point of despair: “He is going to kill me, he is going to kill me ”, she worried. Yet she died, leaving behind an unbearable taste of inevitability.

Bruno Garcia is on trial for the murder of his ex-partner, Julie Douib, in March 2019.
(Raphael Poletti / Liberation)

“That’s it, thank you Madam”

On the bench of the civil parties, his parents Violette and Lucien Douib listen attentively to the witnesses, his brother takes notes on a small spiral notebook. The pen runs at full speed while the gendarme lists a sum of elements accrediting the premeditation (contested by the accused who faces life imprisonment): in February, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani did research on the Internet, he typed “Sentence for homicide”, “Attempted murder”, “shooting” and “Go live in Thailand”. He also got rid of his children’s papers to prevent them from reaching the mainland and offered plane tickets to his sister and brother-in-law to come and take care of them on the weekend of 3rd of March. On the day of the incident, he left his home with his weapon, a 9mm caliber Glock-17 stuck in his belt, the muzzle fitted with a silencer. “Sir, do you confirm your version that I can sum up like this? : I planned to go to the shooting center, I changed my mind and I went to my ex-girlfriend with my gun that I took out to impress her. I shot once in the children’s room without being sure I had touched it and then I have a black hole in what happened on the balcony ». In a voice that does not waver, the accused sends: “That’s it, thank you madam”.

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