Medication Confirms Backpack Ammo Was In Belong To Jurgen Conings

Medication Confirms Backpack Ammo Was In Belong To Jurgen Conings
Medication Confirms Backpack Ammo Was In Belong To Jurgen Conings

Police officers and dozens of soldiers began on Thursday a new large-scale search operation in the Dilserbos in Lanklaar (Dilsen-Stokkem, province of Limburg), and more precisely in the area where Jürgen Conings’ Audi was found on Tuesday, May 18. A backpack containing ammunition was found there, confirms the federal prosecutor’s office. Several objects have already been taken away as part of the research concerning the fleeing soldier in order to be analyzed.

The inhabitants of Zonnedauwlaan and Kruisvenlaan, in the district of Groot-Homo in Lanklaar, had already spotted, Wednesday evening around 6.30 p.m., a remarkably high number of army vehicles and police cars making their way into the city. forest.

An area already excavated

A backpack has therefore been discovered, confirmed Thursday evening the spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office, specifying that “on the basis of the elements it contains, the chances are great that it belongs to Jürgen Conings”. The area in the Haute Campine national park had, however, already been raked and searched several times.

According to our colleagues from VTM Nieuws, these are drugs that allowed the prosecution to confirm that the bag belonged to the fugitive. Indeed, similar drugs had been found in his vehicle.

Still on the run

Search operations were also carried out on Wednesday in various municipalities bordering the Haute Campine national park, from the parking lot of the Luminus Arena, the stadium of the football club of Genk. Police and soldiers searched for the soldier, still on the run, in As, Zutendaal, Lanklaar, but also in Dilserbos.

Jürgen Conings, 46, has addressed threats against various personalities, including virologist Marc Van Ranst. When he did not return to his home on the evening of May 17 and disturbing farewell letters were found, the alert was raised and important searches were carried out in order to find the soldier who put the hand on heavy weapons. An investigating judge has been appointed for this investigation. The soldier is being prosecuted for attempted assassination in a terrorist context and breach of the law on weapons in a terrorist context.

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