Not enough rain for Fransaskois farmers

Not enough rain for Fransaskois farmers
Not enough rain for Fransaskois farmers

It was the worst spring that I have seen in the past fifteen years. The weather goes from very dry to humid, which makes our plants less fit. Extreme changes are not good for themsays Paul Houndjet, a farmer in the community of Prud’homme, east of Saskatoon.

He is worried about lack of water reserve in the soil.

A few kilometers from Prud’homme is Saint-Denis, where Laurent Denis lives. According to his estimates, it fell about ten millimeters of rain last Friday, far from the 37 mm received two weeks ago.

Farmer Laurent Denis estimates that ten millimeters of rain fell last Friday.

Photo: provided by Laurent Denis

We managed to sow well without too much delay. It was dry. The seeds are progressing very well. When we finished sowing, we had beautiful rain two weeks ago, he explains.

Never seen since 1988

In the southwest of the province, the organic farmer of Ponteix, Henri Stringer, is also worried about the lack of water reserves in the soils.

We have had a lot of rain, and even a little snow in the last few weeks, which has been good for our crops. Then the heatwave didn’t really help, he mentions.

The temperatures that we had at the beginning of the month in Saskatchewan were abnormally high according to Mr. Denis and Joe Poirier, who reside in Bellegarde, in the southeast of the province.

Both claim to have not seen such a situation for over thirty years.

In 1988, we had nothing. The stream was quite dry as far as Bellegarde. It was empty. There was no more water. Usually we have good rain in April, says Joe Poirier.

Farmers, however, remain optimistic. According to Houndjet, the harvest schedule could change due to weather conditions.

We plan to harvest in late August or early September. For the peas, it will be in mid-August, because they are growing well, he analyzes.

With information from Geneviève Patterson and Emeline Riffenach

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