Law 21 and the London bombing | Motion to “denounce amalgam” rejected in Ottawa

(Ottawa) The House of Commons blocked the adoption of a Bloc motion aimed at “denouncing the amalgamations between the events in London and a Quebec law”. It was thus not possible to accomplish in Ottawa what had worked on the Quebec side a little earlier.

Posted on June 10, 2021 at 3:20 p.m.

Melanie Marquis

Member of Parliament Christine Normandin did not obtain unanimous consent to table her motion on Thursday. We heard at least twice “no” – Liberals, according to the Bloc members – ringing out in the chamber when the Speaker of the House asked if we would give the green light to the presentation of the motion.

It stated that the House “offers its deepest condolences to the family of Salman Afzaal and Madiha Salman, to friends and to the community of London. […] ”And that it“ strongly denounces all forms of hatred and violent crimes ”.

But it also aimed to “denounce [r] the amalgamations between the events of London and a Quebec law ”.

The Bloc Québécois is angry at the rapprochement that has been made between Quebec’s law 21 on the secularism of the state and the Islamophobic attack that claimed the lives of four members of a Muslim family in London, Ontario, last Sunday.

The controversy originated in a statement made Tuesday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

At a press conference, he argued that the pandemic could have changed opinion on the wearing of religious symbols, since Quebecers have become accustomed to receiving services from people wearing a sanitary mask.

“It wouldn’t surprise me that in the weeks and months to come, there would be some thoughts to be had on the purpose and importance of Bill 21, in part because we’ve been spending a lot of time for a year. with masks that cover our faces while getting services from the state, and also because there is real concern about the rise of intolerance and Islamophobia, ”he said.

The National Assembly denounces “the amalgams”

A little earlier, in the National Assembly, the deputies adopted a motion condemning the establishment of such a link.

Its wording reads as follows: “that the National Assembly strongly denounce all forms of hatred and violent crime” and “that it denounce the amalgamations made by certain politicians and the media in the rest of Canada between the tragedy of London in Ontario and a Quebec law ”.

The motion was unanimously approved by all parties that sit in the Salon Bleu.

“Ignoble and unacceptable”, says Legault

Prime Minister François Legault has added his two cents.

“I have seen some editorials, some commentators from the rest of Canada who have tried to make a connection between what happened in London and Bill 21. I think it is despicable and that it is totally unacceptable” , he said at a press briefing.

“It is not true that we are going to let journalists from the rest of Canada come and break some sugar and treat Quebecers as racists,” he said.

With Hugo Pilon-Larose in Quebec

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