UPAC apologizes to Guy Ouellette

UPAC apologizes to Guy Ouellette
UPAC apologizes to Guy Ouellette

The anti-corruption commissioner, Frédérick Gaudreau, apologized to the deputy for Chomedey, Guy Ouellette, for his arrest on October 25, 2017.

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The anti-corruption commissioner Frédérick Gaudreau came to the National Assembly on Thursday, where he appeared alongside Mr. Ouellette.

The arrest of Mr. Ouellette by UPAC is the result of a “faulty investigation in certain respects”, he said.

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“This arrest was unjustified. UPAC apologizes for the devastating consequences of this arrest. ”

Mr. Gaudreau explained that these apologies are addressed not only to Mr. Ouellette and his relatives but also to the deputies of the National Assembly.

In 2017, the arrest of the deputy for Chomedey had caused a deep shock wave within the institution.

The President of the National Assembly Jacques Chagnon was indignant at the way of proceeding of the police force which was then directed by Robert Lafrenière.

“Let us accuse or apologize,” he had then demanded in a statement in the House before all deputies, a few days after Mr. Ouellette’s arrest.

UPAC ultimately never accused Mr. Ouellette, who was suspected of having contributed to the leaks of police information from the Mâchurer investigation, relating to the former Prime Minister Jean Charest and the fundraiser and man business Marc Bibeau.


In June 2019, Mr. Ouellette filed a $ 550,000 lawsuit against the government.

Thursday, Mr. Gaudreau said his apology is part of a confidential agreement between the parties.

“There is an agreement, the lawsuit against UPAC is over,” he said, refusing to give more details on the other conditions.

At his side, Mr. Ouellette, who sits as an independent after being expelled from the Liberal caucus following a dispute, declined to comment.

“This morning, I take the blow. I would ask you to respect my decision not to comment on the UPAC statement this morning, ”he said.


Mr. Gaudreau wanted to be reassured about the current practices at UPAC.

“The cowboy police I have never done and I never will,” he said.

Upon his arrival at the head of the organization, he had already indicated his intention to distance himself from the practices of his predecessor.

He had notably disowned his decision to mandate UPAC investigators to investigate their colleagues.

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