A heatwave is about to strike Quebec

A heatwave is about to strike Quebec
A heatwave is about to strike Quebec

This hasty sweltering heat wave will primarily affect the southern, western and central regions of the province, while we are still in the spring.

For example, Environment Canada predicts sunshine in Greater Montreal over the next few days with a maximum temperature of 33 degrees (Humidx of 38) for Sunday, a high of 34 for Monday and 30 degrees for Tuesday. Showers are on the menu Wednesday, with a maximum of 27 degrees.

For the Gatineau region, we are talking about four consecutive days with high temperatures: 32 degrees for Sunday (humidx of 39), 33 degrees for Monday, 33 degrees Tuesday and 29 degrees Wednesday.

For the National Capital region, Environment Canada also forecasts particularly hot weather: a mercury of 27 degrees (humidx of 32) for Sunday, maximum of 31 degrees on Monday and 30 degrees on Tuesday.

Fight the heat

On the eve of the first heatwave of the season, it is important to remember some essential steps to get through these overwhelming days.

According to Dr. Christiane Laberge, we must first recognize the reality. The first thing is that we accept that it’s hot, rather than saying a hundred times that it’s hot, she said in an interview with RDI.

We accept that we are going to sweat, that everyone will see us sweat, because it is our natural way of evacuating heat., she adds.

In addition, it is important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Our template to say that we are hydrated enough, not hydrated enough, it’s not thirst. When you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. […] If the daytime urine has a color or slightly colored, we are in the objections to continue, says Dr. Laberge.

The specialist also suggests eating fresh fruits and vegetables to stay well hydrated.

Identify water points

It is also recommended to flee heat islands and seek shade as in parks and woodlands. You can also fight the heat wave by going for a swim in swimming pools, lakes, rompers or having fun in the water games or with the watering can.

Fountains are a good way to lower your body temperature.

Photo : afp via getty images / ERIC THOMAS

In the metropolis, many swimming pools open their doors this weekend. However, it will be necessary to reserve your place, since reception capacities are obviously reduced due to COVID. Sanitary rules oblige, the changing rooms will be closed, but the toilets are open.

Also favor visiting cool places. Those who do not have access to air conditioning can take a cold shower or bath to cool off.

Alternatively, you can use a wet towel to wipe your head and upper body, or stand near a fan to help release the heat.

Limit your efforts

Wear light clothing, avoid heavy physical exertion, and limit your activities. Stéphane Smith, spokesperson for Urgence-santé, warns the population against heat stroke.

In these temperatures, this is often what happens. People who continue to play sports outdoors. Still extreme sports like jogging at this time, with a heat wave, it’s much more difficult, he told RDI Matin.

Another tip: reduce your alcohol consumption. We start deconfinement. People are starting to see each other a bit. You will still have to be careful about this, because alcohol causes problems with the heat., says Stéphane Smith.

To find out if you are suffering from heat stroke, check for any of the following symptoms: nausea, dizziness, feeling weak, or blurred vision.

Particular attention must be paid to certain clienteles: babies, the elderly, people with psychiatric illnesses and those taking medication.

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