Did Philippe Bas really dive for the TV movie or was he dubbed?

France 3 is broadcasting the detective TV movie this Saturday, June 5 Deadly Calanques. This is the opportunity to find Philippe Bas who has many diving scenes. Is the actor dubbed for these sequences?

The detective TV movie Deadly Calanques is offered this Saturday June 5 from 9:05 pm on France 3. In this new investigation, the lieutenant of gendarmerie Samira El Katani (Shemss Audat) must work in collaboration with the lieutenant and former commando of the navy Bruno Tanguy (Philippe Bas) to solve the murder of Robin (Jonathan Cardonnel), an athlete specializing in dives in a natural environment. Thus, the fiction includes many scenes filmed underwater in the creeks. In the cast, you also find Arnaud Binard (Quentin Achard), Joyce Bibring (Sandrine Decima), François-Dominique Blin (Etienne), Folco Marchi (Alexandre), and Elizabeth Bourgine (Sophia D’Olce).

Is Philippe Bas dubbed for the diving scenes?

Former navy commando, Bruno Tanguy is dispatched to this case in order to be able to examine the underwater surroundings of the crime scene. His interpreter, Philippe Bas, who returned to the end of Profiling, had to shoot several sequences in and under water in diving gear. Know that it is the actor of 47 years who plunged during all the filmed sequences. And if this is his first time shooting underwater scenes, it was not his first dive.

Did Philippe Bas follow a specific training?

In fact, I did a little refresher with the divers who were in charge of the choreography on the set “, explained Philippe Bas to TV-Leisure. And to add: “I had been diving a few years ago. So we still wanted to know if it was possible because we didn’t want to take too many risks. It was really very nice, very playful.“To shoot the diving scenes, did Philippe Bas follow any particular training?”We did a few upgrades with the monitors, then did a full day of rehearsal and two full days of shooting in the water.“, he told us.


Philippe Bas dive movie dubbed

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