Chechen associations warn against “stigma”

Chechen associations warn against “stigma”
Chechen associations warn against “stigma”

Chechen associations warned on Saturday in Strasbourg against the “stigma” and the “amalgamTargeting their community, while France accelerates the expulsion procedures of those suspected of radicalization after the assassination in October of Professor Samuel Paty.

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«We must all keep our cool, respect each other and avoid excessive action and stigma.“As well as”amalgam», Declared at a press conference Chamil Albakov, spokesperson for the Assembly of the Chechens of Europe, which federates about thirty associations. “Mistrust sets in (…) towards people of Chechen origin», He lamented.

At the end of May, four young people of Chechen origin, including three minors, were arrested by internal intelligence police in Strasbourg and its suburbs, as part of a preliminary investigation by the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat) for association of terrorist criminals. criminal. These four people, all born in the Russian Caucasus and aged 16, 17 and 18, were released a few days later, without any charges being brought against them at this stage.

They were “suspected of having prepared a draft violent action“. “digital mediaHad been seized in search, according to a judicial source. “If for the slightest suspicion and for a simple check” from “some of our members, the press (make) a huge noise while giving something to stir up certain political currents, then all people of Chechen origin will be considered dangerousMr. Albakov warned.

The vast majority of community members “does its utmost to integrate. But that is invisible», He pointed out, while saying he understood«that the police“Do”their work“. Present at the press conference, an 18-year-old, presented as one of the four arrested, said to himself “shocked“By his arrest: first taken to the Strasbourg police station, he said he was then transferred”in ParisTo be heard again at length, before being released, like the three other young people.

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«The suspicion is communicated everywhere», Assured Pascale Chaudot, president of the Chechnya committee. If a Chechen wants to leave France, “this file will follow it“In the countries where it will go as a”indelible mark», «including in Russia“. Since the assassination in mid-October of Professor Samuel Paty by a young Chechen refugee, Abdoullakh Anzorov, the French authorities have focused on the Chechens in France, accelerating the expulsion procedures of those suspected of radicalization.

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