The Spa-Francorchamps circuit heals its wounds following bad weather (Stavelot)

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit heals its wounds following bad weather (Stavelot)
The Spa-Francorchamps circuit heals its wounds following bad weather (Stavelot)

The Francorchamps circuit suffered significant damage following the floods on Friday. And it is active to reopen as soon as possible, from Tuesday.

The Francorchamps circuit is known around the world to motorsport enthusiasts for its spectacular races often spiced up by capricious weather. But this Friday, the sky was literally unleashed in the basin of the Red Water for several tens of minutes. The amount of rain that fell on the circuit approached 40L / m2, which is almost half the amount of water that falls during a month!

Obviously, such a quantity could not fall without doing damage. Thus, the track rose to the level of the endurance stands after the Source bend. Damage is also to be noted at the edge of the runway, requiring in-depth cleaning throughout the descent. The torrent which fell on the circuit carried with it cubic meters of various waste. Without forgetting that many infrastructures of the circuit were flooded, in particular lodges and cellars as well as the tunnels of Ster, Eau Rouge and Blanchimont.

Consequently, the meeting of the Spa Euro Races, organized by the RAC Spa and the Delettre family, had to be canceled when it had barely started. “I have a very special thought for Pierre Delettre, of RAC Spa, and all the series participating in his competition which, by the force of the elements, is forced to cancel his race weekend», Explains Nathalie Maillet, CEO of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

Once the rain was over, the circuit teams took turns, also during the night, to repair the track as quickly as possible. “Our teams, whom I would like to thank, as well as our subcontractors, who show great responsiveness, got to work to restore the circuit as quickly as possible. Work began this Saturday at 6 am and I can already tell you that the runway will be operational again on Tuesday. ” Until then, it will take in particular a scraping of the tarmac of the track which is raised in the descent after the turn of the Source. The resurfacing will arrive by Monday. Without forgetting the scraping of mud throughout the descent of the Raidillon.


SpaFrancorchamps circuit heals wounds bad weather Stavelot

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