France Insoumise wants to “give back its word to the population”

France Insoumise wants to “give back its word to the population”
France Insoumise wants to “give back its word to the population”

Two weeks before the departmental and regional elections, the campaign intensifies in Creuse. On the markets we see more and more candidates pulling. The militants of France Insoumise for example were present in Vallière and Bourganeuf this week. In Creuse, two France Insoumise lists are declared: in the cantons of Felletin and La Souterraine. However, thanks to its alliance with Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV) and the citizen collective Creuse 2021, France Insoumise presents or supports candidates in four other cantons of Creuse.

Marriage with greens: “We are 100% compatible locally”

This alliance with EELV calls out. Frédéric Flerit, the door speaks of France Insoumise for the department recognizes : “At the national level we have differences of opinion, because in our eyes, EELV has a vision more compatible with economic liberalism than we do.“. For him, however, the two parties are100% compatible locally“. La France Insoumise and EELV have developed a common program.

We have the will to break with the old way. We want to promote policies which will take the will of the people more into account and which will also be more respectful of the environment, with the issue of forests, clear cuts and wetlands.“, lists Frédéric Flerit.

He nevertheless recognizes that the two parties had a local issue of contention, around the Bordeaux-Lyon Railcoop line project: “What we criticize in France Insoumise is the way in which it will be opened: it is a private company which will charter it and we do not want to go into the logic of dismantling the SNCF “, he slices. Frédéric Fleurit soberly explains that the two parties “have passed”, on this point of contention.

Two France Insoumise lists in Creuse

In La Souterraine and Felletin, two lists are truly labeled France rebellious. Arnaud Palierne is a candidate, with his partner, Audrey Senaux in Felletin. This is the first time this teacher gets into politics. For him, it was mainly about: “think politics differently and give voice to the population, which in our opinion is the repository of power and of which it is being dispossessed.“, he believes.

France Insoumise offers in particular transparency measures on the action of the departmental council. The party would also like to put in place initiatives to listen to the voice of the population: of grievance books, canton councils etc.

In the canton of Felletin, the rebellious France list is faced with two other pairs:

  • Jean-Luc Léger and Renée Nicoux, who are “union of the left”.
  • And Pascal Lerousseau and Corinne Terrade, who are “various right”.

Departmental and regional elections will take place on June 20 and 27, 2021. To be able to vote, you must be registered on the electoral roll.

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