Landes: at least 31 cases of the Delta variant detected, around twenty others suspected

Landes: at least 31 cases of the Delta variant detected, around twenty others suspected
Landes: at least 31 cases of the Delta variant detected, around twenty others suspected

CONTAMINATION – The Landes Regional Health Agency announced in a press release on Saturday June 5 that it had identified around fifty proven or suspected cases of the Delta variant of Covid-19. The department is facing an acceleration in the circulation of the virus.

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They would be in total nearly fifty cases. The Landes Regional Health Agency (ARS) announced on Saturday, June 5, that at least 31 contaminations with the Indian variant, now called the Delta variant, of Covid-19 have been identified in the department where the health situation is deteriorating.

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The ARS also warned that a “twenty others” people could be positive, because at the moment, “the positive cases for Covid-19 did not all give rise to use of the sequencing method allowing to identify the variant”, she explained.

Until now, this Delta variant was not very present in France. The Landes ARS had already announced, Wednesday, June 2, two first cases in a family residing near the city of Dax, without having had any link with India or Great Britain.

Degraded health situation in the region

The agency said that this fifty cases could be “grouped together in about fifteen sources of contamination”, especially family, “subject to the results of investigations still in progress to cross-reference the data and trace the chains of contamination”, she clarified.

While at the national level, the epidemic figures are rather encouraging, the health situation in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, which includes the Landes, has become worrying since the circulation of the virus has accelerated there. The incidence rate is now 95.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure “higher than the national rate” and increasing “by 35% in less than three weeks”, warns the ARS.

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For the moment, 43.6% of Landais have already received their first dose of vaccine, but the ARS has asked the population to remain cautious as summer approaches. She called to “maintain barrier gestures”, remembering that “the limitation of groupings to 10 people on public roads is still in force”.

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Landes cases Delta variant detected twenty suspected

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