Coronation of the female PSG: Bernard Mendy presents “his” champions of France

Coronation of the female PSG: Bernard Mendy presents “his” champions of France
Coronation of the female PSG: Bernard Mendy presents “his” champions of France

At the heart of the celebration of the first coronation in the history of the women’s section of PSG, Bernard Mendy stands out. First assistant to coach Olivier Echouafni, the former right side of the red and blue club was one of the most acclaimed by the Parisian ultras this Saturday afternoon. “The trophy is for them,” he assures us. Delighted by this coronation, he lent himself to the game of presentations. Here are the champions of France through the eyes of Bernard Mendy.

Bernard Mendy, assistant coach of the women’s PSG. LP / Jean-Baptiste Quentin

The Guardian. “Chris (Endler) is world level. Beyond being intelligent, adorable, hardworking, competitive, she was able to bring this experience and this defensive efficiency. I am a defender and I don’t like to take goals. Saying that we only took 4 goals … (in 22 D1 games) This is partly thanks to his extraordinary saves. The one in Lyon (Editor’s note: in the quarter-finals second leg of the Champions League) or that of Friday (Editor’s note: against Dijon)… It is the best in the world ”.

Defense. “Irene (Paredes) is the captain par excellence. She was exemplary. Its complementarity with Paulina (Dudek), a young player, in difficulty at the beginning. She took on a huge dimension because she is a worker. As for Irene, she knows she has gone through difficult times. It is a fair reward for the woman and the player that she is. Ashley (Lawrence) and Perle (Morroni), these are two players who have had a very good season in the league. There has been devolution in the Champions League. These little mistakes will make them grow ”.

The middle. “Grace (Geyoro) is N’Golo Kanté. A phenomenal player. She was monstrous, beyond her individual talent, she put herself at the service of the collective. She can score even more, take the game more on her own. She performed well in small and especially big games. Formiga is the exemplary dean. She will be sorely missed. The, (Editor’s note: against Dijon), she comes home with Laurina (Fazer). I think it’s the mother and the daughter. She always has good words for young people. The loss of Luana (affected in the cruciate ligament of the left knee at the end of March) was hard because she was having a big season. It allowed Sara (Däbritz) and Grace to be higher. She’s a smart girl in the game. Sara, I call her the German queen. She has an interesting left paw. She can do more in my opinion. But she was there in the decisive moments ”.

The attack. “Sandy (Baltimore), my baby! It was a long job and she matured. I’m not surprised yet (smile). This may be my demanding side. I say they can do a lot more because they are capable of it. She is the best hope of the championship, it is deserved. This kid is a bomb. They call it mini-me! For Queen Kadi (Diani), it’s the same, I’m too demanding (smile). If she had been there in the Champions League, the outcome might have been different. She’s the best player, it’s a fair reward. Marie (Katoto) is a killer. It must be even more so. His goal against Lyon has a special flavor. She is rewarded for her daily work. In this team, we have future Golden Balls. That’s why we have to be demanding with them and keep them under pressure. They are young but talented ”.

The sidelines. “Ramona (Bachmann), Nadia (Nadim)… They participated in all of this thanks to their experience, even playing less. They were pros, present when needed. Sign (Bruun) is a Trezeguet, a Golden Ball from the surface. It’s a whole group. There are also these little princesses to be treasured (Editor’s note: Océane Hurtré, Jade Le Guilly, Laurina Fazer, Alice Pinguet). They are the future ”.


Coronation female PSG Bernard Mendy presents champions France

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