Lecci: Corsica Libera activists occupy hotel complex to denounce “real estate speculation”

This Saturday, June 5, about fifty activists from Corsica Libera occupied a hotel complex in Lecci. They denounce “real estate speculation” and the “complicity of the municipality and the prefecture.”

The Speculators out! Now Enough“. Here is what we can read on the banners which were hung on the facade of the hotel complex” Residence d’Arsella “in Lecci.

On the banners hanging on the facade of the hotel is written: “I speculatori fora! Ava Basta …”

© Paul Salort / FTV

This Saturday, June 5, in the early morning hours, around fifty Corsica Libera activists occupied the site of this 5-star hotel complex managed by the Pierre & Vacances group. Objective of this mobilization: to denounce, among others, “real estate speculation“.

According to them, the tourist establishment managed in non-professional furnished rental “was born thanks to foreign capital in Corsica and the complicity of some mayors and the prefectural administration letting these kinds of individuals come in peace to disfigure our island and seize our heritage.

In the sights of pro-independence activists, Don Georges Gianni, mayor of Lecci, who authorized the construction. The latter, who did not wish to give an interview to France 3 Corse, was present at the scene this morning and assured that the project complies with the local urban plan of the commune. Upon his arrival, the mayor had a very lively verbal exchange with several activists of Corsica Libera.

Speaking at the microphone, the latter castigated the project designated as “an environmental rampage” and an “accentuation of social inequalities in Corsica“. “While Corsicans can no longer find housing and even less access to property, certain clientelist policies favor this type of fatal process, based on these projects.“, they insisted.

A mobilization which comes two weeks before the territorial elections and which shows that Corsica Libera, released by its partners in the territorial majority, intends to refocus on its “fundamentals”, starting with action on the ground.

Contacted by France 3 Corse, Ajaccio prosecutor Carine Greff said she had opened an investigation into degradation in a meeting.



Lecci Corsica Libera activists occupy hotel complex denounce real estate speculation

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