Lemar happy with the supporters’ return and not afraid of Budapest’s potential hostility

Thomas Lemar — Stanislav Filippov / AP / SIPA

News from Thomas Lemar. The attacking midfielder of Atlético de Madrid has finally recovered from his injury and says he is “ready for the Euro”, even if the Frenchman is well aware of the task of scratching a little playing time in a sector occupied by Didier Deschamps’ Avengers. “Competition is what will make us progress,” said Lemar, Saturday at Clairefontaine. I think it’s going to be healthy competition. “

The former Monegasque will not have 50 chances to assert this competition, and France-Bulgaria on Tuesday will perhaps be one of his rare occasions to show himself to DD. And not that. For the first time in a long time, the Blues will be able to perform in front of a handful of supporters at the Stade de France, 5,000 to be precise.

“It’s nice to find 5,000 people. Having a little noise, encouragement, that will always make the difference and it will boost us on the pitch. “

Used to playing outdoors

To put it into perspective anyway: with 5,000 pilgrims in a stadium as large and not very acoustic as the Plaine Saint-Denis arena, we always make less noise than the A86. In Budapest, and the 100% gauge of the Puskas Arena, it could be a different kettle of fish, especially against the Hungarian hosts. “I don’t think the hostile atmosphere can be unsettling, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It will be a plus for us to have people in the stands who will give their voice. “

We insist on the parameter of the game outside. This Euro will be special since it will benefit several nations instead of just one (or two in some cases). The Blues will play for example Germany in Munich in front of 14,000 spectators and, therefore, Hungary in Budapest. Lemar: “we will be outside, but a good part of the public will be French and will put their voices to encourage us. And then we are used to playing away games. Except that lately that hasn’t meant much.


Lemar happy supporters return afraid Budapests potential hostility

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