white walk in support of the victim

white walk in support of the victim
white walk in support of the victim

The young woman, seriously injured, was operated. Her husband, who shot himself in the head after an “outburst of violence”, is brain dead.

Nearly 400 people, according to the police, marched this Saturday, June 5 in the streets of Metz as a sign of support for a woman seriously injured Thursday by her spouse, who then tried to commit suicide. The white march walked in silence through the working-class district of Borny where the tragedy took place, behind banners proclaiming “Support for Sevgi [le prénom de la victime, NDLR] Stop feminicides and violence against women ” or “Never again”.

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“It’s a traumatic shock”, told an AFP correspondent the LR mayor of Metz, François Grosdidier, present in the procession. “Justice must be more responsive when it comes to protecting”, he added. “Everyone is in their own corridor, the police, the judiciary, the town hall, social landlords … Information does not circulate enough when it comes to protecting”, insisted François Grosdidier, while this drama is part of a series of conjugal murders that have recently occurred in the Grand Est, relaunching the debate on the follow-up of the perpetrators of domestic violence.

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A complaint for “insults” dismissed

The 48-year-old suspect attempted to kill his partner in the middle of the street on Thursday afternoon, seriously injuring her, before shooting himself in the head after a “Outburst of violence”, according to the prosecution. He is now brain dead. He was sentenced in 2014 to two months suspended prison sentence for “violence by spouse”.

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Last August, his victim had filed a complaint for insults, a complaint dismissed by the prosecution. Until recently, on May 19 and 28, she again reported to the police to report that he had cursed her, spat on her and followed her in the car, according to the prosecution. After the tragedy, she was operated on in Nancy, according to her sister, interviewed by Le Républicain lorrain on the sidelines of the white march. “They took the bullet in his head. It went well but I don’t want to go too fast to say that she is better. Everything can change so quickly. ”


white walk support victim

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