“The water has formed like a big stream”

“The water has formed like a big stream”
“The water has formed like a big stream”

Posted on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 4:13 p.m.

Through Hadrien Fleury

The showers were strongly felt in Amay Friday evening, until Saturday morning. The mudslides crossed several cellars but also several dwellings. Amaytois citizens work tirelessly to refurbish their homes. Civil protection came as reinforcements this Saturday.

“You could see a wall of downpours coming from Tihange,” said Jean-Michel Javaux, the mayor of Amay. Indeed, the town was particularly affected this Friday by the weather conditions. “The water has formed like a big stream coming from Villers-le-Bouillet then Ampsin. The streets mainly affected are the streets of Bende, Mossoux, Jehay and the avenue Hyppolite Dumont. “We even had to close the national road since the water level was higher than the wheels of the cars. “

➜ Several homes were badly affected (photos). “We really have a lot of mud and several flooded ground floors. A citizen even had an oil tank overturned in his home. “

➜ The bourgmestre himself was hit. He explains.


water formed big stream

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