Rouen children treated in hospital prepare for a tour of France by plane

Rouen children treated in hospital prepare for a tour of France by plane
Rouen children treated in hospital prepare for a tour of France by plane

Change your mind after long months of treatment. They spent a long time in the hospital, treated for cancers or tumors. Four children from the Rouen region will now spend hours in small tourist planes, thanks to the Vie et espoir association, in conjunction with the caregivers of the Rouen University Hospital.

A tour of France in the air, six stages between Rouen, Île de Ré, Arcachon, Clermont, Annecy and Blois. The starting signal is June 26. A trip that will last ten days. “We are going to show you how great the plane is, but also why it is super painful, because there are many constraints, launches Edouard Beignot, one of the pilots, facing the children gathered in Rouen airport. He is also an anesthesiologist at the Rouen University Hospital. Then we will do your first flight! “

A first flight to discover planes

Chills for children. For the most part, they have never taken a plane, big or small. “I am not afraid, launches Carla, 18, at the end of treatment for a tumor born in the bones. I like everything that is sensation, I have already done a helicopter ride, I think it will be a bit the same, she explains enthusiastically. When I was told that it would be a tour of France with small planes, I told myself that it was either I was doing it now, or it would never be in my life … “

The four pilots describe the route, stages and planned activities. “At the beginning they are a little shy, embarrassed, details Edouard Beignot, they let go during the trip. Once finished, we stay in touch, they tell us how much they appreciated, for us it is the greatest reward. “

2,000 kilometers in six stages

After the explanations, children discover airplanes, for a short 30-minute flight with their pilots. “We give them some instructions, how to settle down, what we can or cannot do … “ explains Thierry Charles, one of the pilots, after presenting the operation of small passenger planes. “There are some instructions, like taking bags and not suitcases, because the hold is very small, and if you have to pack … “ he smiles.

The big departure is in three weeks, June 26, 2021. It is possible to follow the tour on the association’s Facebook page, or to make a donation here.

You can find the video of the Tour de France in 2019 on YouTube:

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