Adrien Rabiot’s warning

Adrien Rabiot’s warning
Adrien Rabiot’s warning

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In ten days, the French team will enter the running in this Euro 2020 with a shock against Germany in Munich. First pitfall to overcome for the Blues who will have a lot to do in an extremely tough group F with the presence of Portugal, Germany and Hungary. To go to the end of the competition, Didier Deschamps’ men will have to pull out all the stops and not lose too many feathers in the group stage.

Present at a press conference this Saturday in Clairefontaine, Adrien Rabiot spoke of the future deadlines that await the world champions. The French midfielder, summoned for the first time in selection for an international competition, is fully aware of the effervescence that reigns around the tricolors. But for the main protagonist, out of the question to ignite or give in to this popular impetus likely to destabilize both.

Adrien Rabiot prefers to get straight to the heart of the matter

For the Juventus player, donning the favorite costume should not disperse the troops. “You have to stay measured. Obviously we are world champions, there is the 2016 final. I think it’s normal that for people who judge, it seems normal. We have another look, we don’t want to put ourselves forward. We are aware of our potential and our strengths ”, loose the former Parisian.

Asked about the challenge that awaits the France team in this group F, the interested party believes that rubbing shoulders with the best entry nations can promote the French game. “Germany and Portugal are two very strong nations. I think it’s better to play these nations, which play football and are open to playing. It is perhaps better suited for us than so-called weaker nations which will regroup behind and will pose a lot of problems for us in the end ”, thus decrypts Rabiot. It remains to be seen whether this analysis will be verified in the field …

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