a hundred opponents challenge Carole Delga

a hundred opponents challenge Carole Delga
a hundred opponents challenge Carole Delga

«With Delga, hello damage“: They were a hundred environmental activists, inhabitants of affected villages and elected to demonstrate Saturday in front of the Regional Council of Occitanie against the construction of the Castres-Toulouse motorway which is a”ecological and financial aberration” according to them.

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The President of the Region Carole Delga “flaps our ears with her ‘Green New Deal’ by saying that she is for projects that respect the environment, and in the end she pushes for this highway», Deplores Denis Barrea, member of the Stop Carrières collective and resident of the village of Montcabrier (Tarn) to AFP.

Carole Delga (PS), who is seeking a new mandate in the June election, has always considered that this project was “essential for development»From the south of the Tarn. This territory “deserves a real project of opening up, for its inhabitants, its companies (…) deprived of a secure and efficient link with the Toulouse metropolisShe wrote in 2018.

But for opponents of the project, which saw the light of day in the 2000s, the arguments in favor of the A69 motorway “do not hold“. They are based on a study financed largely by the local authorities concerned, but also by the Regional Council of Occitanie, pointing to a cost of more than 500 million euros, a large part of which is financed by “the taxpayer».

«This project will consume nearly 500 hectares of agricultural land and cost 10 euros one way between Castres and Toulouse!», Indignant Denis Barrea. His collective is also opposed to the construction of several “temporary quarries for the extraction of materials which will last between five and seven years, one of which will be 400 m from the village school» de Montcabrier.

Solution alternative

According to the authorities, the A69 will save time of around 35 minutes over the entire journey, estimated at 1 hour 20 minutes on average at present. Opponents of the project minimize this figure and speak of a gain of “10 minutes», If a development of the RN 126 is made.

«The idea is to make the existing road safer and faster with passing zones.“, Supports Denis Barrea, supporter of this”alternative costing 180 million euros, consuming 90 hectares of agricultural land, and free for the user“. Christophe Pouyanne, mayor of the village of Appel (Tarn), also denounces a “archaic solution and a completely oversized project in relation to the needs of the territory served». «We are here to ask the State to review its copyHe says.

The project was declared of public utility in 2018, and the State formalized in February 2020 the launch of the concession procedure.

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