ready to play as a sentinel, Rabiot has “evolved” and “matured”

ready to play as a sentinel, Rabiot has “evolved” and “matured”
ready to play as a sentinel, Rabiot has “evolved” and “matured”

It is a “new” Adrien Rabiot who presented himself at a press conference this Saturday. The French midfielder spoke of his post and said he was ready to make sacrifices to help the Blues.

“I could now play anywhere for the good of the team.” Almost a year after his return to the Blues, Adrien Rabiot confirms that he has changed, especially in his state of mind. At a press conference this Saturday, the midfielder of the France team said he was ready to evolve as a sentinel, where he refused to play in the past. On several occasions, the player did not want to occupy this position with PSG, for example.

“If it has to be done, I will”

“You have to be ready for anything, he concedes. In this midfielder, we have to move a lot and switch our positions. The low point, with the two players on the side, we can all find ourselves in this position. sentry. We have all the qualities to do it. It will be up to the coach to determine the player best equipped to play in this position. Of course if it is necessary to do it, I will do it. “

A turnaround that can be explained by a change in mentality and a maturity for the 26-year-old player: “I have evolved, my football has evolved too. Quite simply because I have grown old, I I grew up, I matured. In my opinion, that can also be felt in my football “.

“The question of positioning is not a subject at all”

Meanwhile, the Juventus midfielder also referred to the left midfielder position where he was lined up against Wales this week (3-0): “It’s a position I can adapt to, I have done several times and it has worked pretty well, as I told the coach before, now I could play anywhere for the good of the France team, as long as I can really contribute to this team. The question of positioning is not at all a subject with the coach “.

This Tuesday, the France team receives Bulgaria for the last meeting before the Euro. A not insignificant meeting for Rabiot, four years after the episode in Sofia where the cold and his “fear of getting hurt” had caused controversy. But the principal concerned assures him, “today, it is another Rabiot”.


ready play sentinel Rabiot evolved matured

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