Moncton residents invited to reach new heights

Moncton residents invited to reach new heights
Moncton residents invited to reach new heights

This month, in June, the City of Moncton has a partnership with the Centennial Camp. We are pleased to open the climbing wall at Centennial Park, which means that city residents can [s’inscrire] for a one hour session, indicates the manager of strategic communications of Moncton, Austin Henderson.

The wall with a height of about 9 meters is in the Centennial Park. It offers courses for children of at least 7 years old, for beginners and for people looking for a certain challenge, explains the director of the company, John Savage. Groups of four to eight people are allowed.

So the climbing wall, you don’t need to bring any equipment. […] The team at Centennial Camp will be able to help you ensure that you can [profiter] from the wall safely, and that includes all equipment, precise Austin Henderson.

People wishing to climb the wall must pre-register through the Camp du Centenaire website. (New window) .

The free screenings initiative is part of the Parks and Recreation Month. Moncton also invites the public to take advantage of the trails, parks and playgrounds on this occasion.

According to John Savage and Austin Henderson, people are looking for outdoor activities during the pandemic.

M. Savage adds that the climbing wall is an opportunity for many people to overcome their fear of heights. It only takes a little willpower to succeed, he emphasizes.

With information from Kate Letterick, from CBCCanadian Broadcasting Corporation


Moncton residents invited reach heights

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