Is 5G really sending the wrong waves? France Inter leads the investigation

Is 5G really sending the wrong waves? France Inter leads the investigation
Is 5G really sending the wrong waves? France Inter leads the investigation

Controversial for a long time, a source of questions and anxiety, the deployment of 5G would have worrying consequences, according to an investigation by Anaëlle Verzaux for the program “Interception”, this Sunday on France Inter.

France is starting the 5G turn. The first frequencies have been activated since November 18, no offense to the anti-5G that Emmanuel Macron compared a few months ago to « amish » preferring «the return to the oil lamp ”. A report from the National Health Security Agency (ANSES), dated April 20, 2021, considers it unlikely that the deployment of this new technology presents health risks. For Interception on France Inter, Anaëlle Verzaux delivers a yet worrying survey on the risk-benefit ratio of 5G.

The 5G network was activated even before the publication of a rather encouraging study on its possible dangerousness.
ANSES stresses, however, the need to continue research, in particular monitoring the exposure of populations as the number of antennas changes. It is above all the accumulation of waves, with the use of more and more connected objects, that raises questions. And as this report states, “The data are not, at the present time, sufficient to conclude on the existence or not of health effects”.

So, revolution or technological blindness?
It’s a juicy business. In France, operators have already spent 3 billion euros to grab new frequencies. The effect of waves on our health is amplified as they use ever greater frequencies. I went to Atos, an IT services giant listed on the CAC 40. One of its sites, in Clayes-sous-Bois (78), has seen its employees develop a significant number of brain cancers – there are seven death in less than four years. Employees and relatives of patients denounce a cumulative effect of the waves.

Is the environment affected?
I met Patrick Pilon, one of the biggest rabbit breeders in France. He lost two hundred thousand in four years, and noted the systematic concomitance of their deaths with the activation of the relay antennas around his farm. The dangers of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields have already been demonstrated, long before 5G. But 6G is already in sight …


sending wrong waves France Inter leads investigation

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