In Rennes, tarpaulins installed around a school to hide the dealers

In Rennes, tarpaulins installed around a school to hide the dealers
In Rennes, tarpaulins installed around a school to hide the dealers

Many parents of students consider this device unnecessary and call for more police in the neighborhood.

This is the tarpaulin of discord. For several days now, the Champion de Cicé school group, located in the Clauney district of Rennes, has been completely surrounded by a black screen in order to hide from the students the various deal points set up in the surrounding area. The decision was taken by the municipality a month ago, after a settling of scores that cost the life of a young person.

“There is a point of deal that was installed a few years ago near this school. It means that the children sometimes witnessed comings and goings and arrests a little muscular. There is a game. cat and mouse between the police and the dealers “, indicates to BFMTV Gaëlle Rougier, assistant to education at the town hall of Rennes.

Worse, according to the latter, the drug trafficking located nearby had ended up rubbing off on the behavior of the students.

“They imitated them with the sound of ‘chouf’ (term used to warn of the arrival of the police, editor’s note). They played drug dealers and the police in the schoolyard, it was brought up to us. by teachers and parents of students. We were well informed. It was the idea not to trivialize this situation, “she adds.

“I find it not very useful”

On the side of parents of students, the idea of ​​cutting children off from the outside world is far from unanimous.

“For me, my kids weren’t necessarily on the fence watching what was going on. They’re in the yard playing with their friends, I feel like they’re in jail when I see all the kids. tarpaulins, estimates a mother with our antenna, quickly joined by a second, who considers that the insecurity remains great despite the device.

“If it’s just to hide from the dealers, I find it not very useful. I think we need a little more police, security in the neighborhood,” she insists .

With BFMTV, Magali Icher, president of FCPE 35 ensures that “one does not feel insecure in Rennes” and that “this drug trafficking has lasted for 40 years.”

“It is an upgrade within the framework of the security provided for by law today. It is not a fear of a dealer or anything, it is just that it was necessary to bring up to standards”, adds she does.

In order to improve the daily life of the pupils of the school group, the town hall of Rennes has for project to vegetate the whole of the enclosure, but also to embellish the tarpaulin with a fresco.

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