there is one month left to convert his training hours into euros

there is one month left to convert his training hours into euros
there is one month left to convert his training hours into euros

Employees have until June 30 to switch DIF hours (converted into euros) to their CPF. Noting that “only one in four employees” had carried out this operation, the Minister of Labor had postponed the date, initially scheduled for December 31, by six months.

You only have a few days left to transfer your DIF hours to your personal training account © Maxppp / LP / Aurélie Audureau

Please note: the count has started for your training hours. You have until the end of the month, last June 30, to transfer and convert your hours from the DIF, Individual Right to Training, into euros on your CPF, Personal Training Account: the system that took over from the DIF in 2015. If you do not do this, your training hours, earned before December 2014, will be permanently lost.

And no need to rush on the first training come by June 30 to pass these DIF hours, it is really still quite possible, and easily, to transfer them to your CPF.

Where can I find these hours to postpone?

The main difficulty is undoubtedly getting your hands on your pay slip for December 2014, or January 2015, or on the certificate from the then employer, because that is where the hours are indicated. has reported. At the time it was in hours, capped at 120 hours. Today it is in euros. At 15 euros an hour, you could lose up to 1,800 euros for a future training if you do not make the transfer to your CPF. On average, the amount revolves around 1,200 euros.

Then it’s simple and done in a few clicks, either on the site or on the application that goes with it. You are identified by your social security number. Once your account is created, under “My Training Rights” then the link “Enter my DIF”. The hours are automatically converted into euros.

These euros are at your disposal to now finance the training of your choice. It was your employer who had control of the old device.


month left convert training hours euros

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