disgusted by Michel Sardou, a famous actress confesses …

disgusted by Michel Sardou, a famous actress confesses …
disgusted by Michel Sardou, a famous actress confesses …

During his career, Michel Sardou found himself at the heart of heated controversy several times. Last May, the 74-year-old singer who drags behind him a reputation as a racist man, made a point of clarifying things in an interview with Paris Match: “I pass for a reaction because I open my mouth, I say what I think. But when we say ‘Sardou is on the right’, we often mean ‘extreme right’. taking power makes me very … puzzled “he said.

The singer then assured that the lyrics of his songs do not reflect his state of mind: “I trapped myself by often writing my lyrics in the first person. It was believed that I was singing what I thought. While a song is like a play: we tell a story, we create a character “. And to conclude in another interview with Le Point: “I was 25-30 at the time. I wrote eight songs a day. I was happy to be provocative. Being the man to kill galvanized me. Perhaps I could have been more careful in choosing certain words “.

Michel Sardou knocked out by a famous actress
These justifications have obviously not convinced everyone since a famous actress has just expressed her anger against the singer. During an interview with the newspaper Liberation, Julia Piaton was summoned to confide in “the song that made her mad with rage”. “The time of the colonies by Sardou. The lyrics are atrocious and on top of that he sings them with an almost playful, ultra-direct tone.“then replied the actress.

The famous song released in 1967 has the words: “In the blessed times of the colonies, the warriors called me Grand Chief. In the glorious days of the AOF, I had strings in the kepi. In the blessed time of the colonies, we still think of you, oh Bwana “or” Tell us what you don’t have, we have some. There is no coffee, no cotton, no gasoline in France, but ideas, we have it a “and also:” The Senegalese riflemen who all died for the country, in the blessed time of the colonies. Formerly in Colomb-Béchar, I had plenty of black servants and four girls in my bed “.

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disgusted Michel Sardou famous actress confesses

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