Arnaud Montebourg: find out his salary in the “made in France” business

Arnaud Montebourg: find out his salary in the “made in France” business
Arnaud Montebourg: find out his salary in the “made in France” business

He really believes in made in France, and it is successful for him. Former Minister of the Economy Arnaud Montebourg has converted to the 100% French agrifood sector. And, as revealed by a survey by M, the magazine du Monde this Friday, June 4, the transition from politics to entrepreneurship is a success, in any case financial: the former socialist receives a net salary of 9,200 euros per month, via the holding company “The Made in France teams “. This company is in fact a kind incubator, which allows him to take part in many entrepreneurial activities, which range from the cultivation of almonds in Vaucluse, to the production of ice cream in Vienne, or Burgundy honey.

At 58, François Hollande’s Minister of the Economy, Productive Recovery and Digital Technology achieves what is for him a “dream of youth” : entrepreneurship. “I wanted to do the Insead [Institut européen d’administration des affaires], but my parents couldn’t afford me registration. “ he thus confided to the journalist of Mr. So he became lawyer, then a full-time politician. Until his departure from Bercy in 2014, where he decided to attend classes at the school he dreamed of when he was younger. He set up the structure in 2015, with his 200,000 euros in savings, and patiently develops its projects, inspired by encounters in his life before.

© Jonathan Rebboah / Panoramic / BestimageArnaud Montebourg defends his honey during the Made in France fair in Paris on November 8, 2019

A businessman “from rural France”

Honey, he’s been sensitive to it since he met beekeepers in difficulty during the campaigns in Saône-et-Loire, his chosen land of deputy. And besides, he loves it. “It’s a killing. We only know how to sell what we like, “he says. This is how he launched in February 2018, the Company for the breeding and repopulation of bees of France (Seraf), located in Dijon, which markets Bleu Blanc Ruche honeys. Almonds, he’s had the idea since during a trip with François Hollande in California, he learns that 80% of almonds consumed in France come from the other side of the Atlantic.

However, no return planned in policy for the former candidate for the left primary. The movement launched by his relatives in January 2021, baptized “L’Engagement“, as its manifesto published in November 2020, was not the wave they hoped for to apply. Registrations have stagnated, and also, the candidate has contracted a “Severe Covid, which resurfaced the doubts of Bourguignon. “The child of rural France“, as he claims, born in the Nièvre, does not seem to have any regrets.

Photo credits: Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage

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