Waldemar Kita opens the door to a sale!

Waldemar Kita opens the door to a sale!
Waldemar Kita opens the door to a sale!

Zapping But! Football Club FC Nantes: tops, flops, future … the results of the 2020-2021 season of the Canaries

This Saturday in L’Equipe, Waldemar Kita shoots everything that moves. The owner of FC Nantes took the funeral of a coffin on which was inscribed “FC Kita” by the ultras very badly and he is more combative than ever. On the subject of the future, while the Collectif Nantais held a first press conference yesterday, it assures us: “I am working on the future, there is a strategy. I am told that there is not, but yes, there is! Only, every time I go to the end of a project, I get shot! “. Always present and for a long time, Waldemar Kita? The truth would be more nuanced …


He is attentive to any serious take-back offer

In 20 Minutes, David Phelippeau explains: “Behind the scenes, weary, more and more isolated and pushed by some of his relatives to let go, WK, who does not carry Mickaël Landreau in his heart, is attentive if an offer serious landed on his desk… “.

The Kita clan, however, sent a press release to the journalist in which it is explained that the owner has not yet received any serious takeover offer. So it’s up to Philippe Plantive, director of Proginov, and Mickaël Landreau to raise enough funds, one way or another, to encourage Waldemar Kita to sell a club that has only been causing him trouble for fourteen years …


Waldemar Kita opens door sale

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