And the 10 worst roads in Quebec are …

And the 10 worst roads in Quebec are …
And the 10 worst roads in Quebec are …

The poor condition of our roads is angering more than one while the potholes and other scars of the asphalt are the daily bread of users.

For the sixth time, CAA-Quebec unveils its annual list of the worst roads thanks to user testimonials and photos.

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The newspaper presents to you exclusively the result of this ranking, in which all the routes appear for the first time in the ranking.


Photo courtesy, Gilles Thibodeau

Provincial road 257 in Scotstown, in the Eastern Townships, is riddled with cracks and potholes.

Photo Stevens Leblanc

Tied for 9th position, avenue Taniata, in Lévis, which was called rue Commerciale before its official change in 2014.

Photo Stevens Leblanc

Most of the potholes have now been sealed on Boulevard Jean-Talon Ouest in Quebec City.

Photo Stevens Leblanc

Boulevard de l’Ormière, in Quebec, dates from the French Regime, according to the Commission de toponymie du Quebec. Has it been renovated since ?!

Courtesy photo, CAA-Quebec

The many potholes of the unpaved road on Chemin du Lac-Héroux, in Saint-Boniface, in Mauricie, are worth a detour …

Photo Stevens Leblanc

It is in the northern part of rue Seigneuriale, in the Beauport borough, that we would find more crevasses and holes in the roadway.

Courtesy photo, CAA-Quebec

For some citizens, Main Street in Hudson very poorly reflects the beauty of the city of Montérégie with its many crevices and deteriorated pavement in several places.

Courtesy photo, CAA-Quebec

As its name suggests, the chemin du 3e-Rang-du-Bic, near Rimouski, climbs to … 3rd position. The problems of this road would not date from yesterday, according to several citizens of the region.

Courtesy photo, CAA-Quebec

The Ferry Ramp, that is to say the end of the road leading to the boarding dock for the Matane – Baie-Comeau – Godbout ferry, won 2nd position. As the naval route could not be subjected to this list, the citizens, exhausted by the breakdowns of service, used cunning by naming this bit of asphalt.

Courtesy photo, CAA-Quebec

The big winner (or loser!) Of the prize list is between Carignan and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. The Grande-Ligne path causes headaches for many users, to the point where some have taken care of filling the holes themselves.

The 6e countryside CAA-Quebec’s Worst Roads took place from April 20 to May 17, 2021. All road users (motorists, cyclists, truckers, pedestrians, etc.) could report their worst road in the province on the portal. Only one vote per route per day was allowed. A total of 2,818 votes were counted to establish the final ranking for 2021.

Crumbling roads (and a ferry)

CAA-Quebec presents today its 6e list of the 10 worst arteries in the province

Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin

The worst road in Quebec, the Chemin de la Grande-Ligne, in Carignan, is described as an obstacle course.

This year, the worst roads in the province are brand new to CAA-Quebec’s charts, come largely from the Quebec City region and even include … a river route!

This year, it is the Chemin de la Grande-Ligne, located in Carignan, in Montérégie, which obtains the gold medal, so to speak, according to the annual survey carried out by CAA-Quebec, which draws up its 6e list of the 10 worst roads in the province.

According to the users of this road, which they consider to be an “obstacle course”, it is not a surprise given the condition of the road which has been deteriorating for several years without the funding being followed to repair it.

As with all the other arteries that have been elected this year, this is the first time that this path has made its debut.

It is followed by the Ferry Ramp de Matane, the access ramp to the controversial ferry crossing between Matane and the Côte-Nord, which surprised by being included in the rankings following a popular movement aimed at denounce the many breakdowns in service and the various ships that have followed one another.

Courtesy photo, CAA-Quebec

The road that leads to the Matane ferry wharf was selected by citizens to denounce the setbacks of this river link.

This is the path of 3e-Rang-du-Bic, in Rimouski, which wins the bronze medal. Again, this is not a surprise for the residents and mechanics of the area, who see the condition of the cars deteriorate due to the many crevices in the roadway.

Four roads in the Quebec City region slip into the list, unlike Montreal which, for the first time, is not there.

Thus, rue Seigneuriale, boulevard de l’Ormière and boulevard Jean-Talon Ouest come in fifth, seventh and eighth position respectively. In Lévis, avenue Taniata sits in ninth row.

According to Nicolas Ryan, spokesperson for CAA-Quebec, the pandemic may have played a role in this classification out of the ordinary and which received fewer votes than in the past.

« [Avec le confinement] we can assume that many who had a daily commute that irritated them stayed at home and did not take the time to vote on the platform, ”he explains.

In addition, the pandemic has also led citizens to make more local trips, to go to the grocery store or to school, which may have put the emphasis on small roads.

The poor condition of municipal roads is explained, among other things, by the fact that a very large part of the sanitation infrastructure is buried under the roads, argues Guy Doré, recently retired professor from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Laval University.

“It is difficult to compare municipal and provincial networks. The forces are not equal. Roads [municipales] are excavated more often and every time you excavate you can’t do it again as good as it was, because you’ve just created an area that’s poorly constructed […] So that makes more bumps, more holes, more cracks, ”explains Mr. Doré.

“Municipal budgets are not the same as those of the government, also underlines Michel Vaillancourt, professor at the École de technologie supérieure and specialist in the design and rehabilitation of pavements. Often, road networks are still important in municipalities, but budgets are not necessarily so. As a result, municipal networks are very often more degraded. “

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